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WATCH: For the love of Vrr-phaa! VW GTI owners epic meet at Wörthersee Lake

2019-07-06 13:22


GTI; three letters that have the power to reach high speeds and to build community.

People will travel from far and wide to attend the VW-GTI-Meet at Worthersee in Reifnitz , Austria. This lakeside becomes the playground for GTI fans every year.

The history of this festival dates to 1982 when GTI fans met for the first time in the Austrian municipality. Today, the event not only attracts motoring aficionados but has become a fair open to absolutely everyone.

The festival will display the VW Gold GTI TRC along with the street legal version for those who want to come close to owning the real deal.

People drive crazy distances with their GTI’s to attend this festival, but this is not only reserved for GTI owners, no, no matter the car you drive you will be welcomed with open arms to this nice community.

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