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WATCH: Cars on par - 5 best vehicles for golfers

2019-06-04 05:30
porsche panamera

Image: Cars

Finding a car that can haul a set of golf clubs that also looks smart can be tricky.

You're going to need a vehicle that's practical (read large boot) and capable of making a statement at the club.

Here are some of the best cars for golfers:

Volvo V90

volvo v90

                                                                                               Image: Supplied

Bentley Continental GT

bentley continental gt

                                                                                                Image: Supplied

Mini Clubman

mini clubman

                                                                                                 Image: Supplied

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

porsche panamera

                                                                                                     Image: Cars

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

ferrari gtc4

                                                                                                   Image: Supplied

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