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The 573kW car that pushed Top Gear host Chris Harris to the limit

2016-09-05 08:52

'THIS IS AN ANGRY CAR': Top Gear host Chris Harris drives a Ferrari F12 TDF and discovers the depths of his presenting talent. Image: YouTube


Watch as new Top Gear host Chris Harris is put to the test in a supercar engine noise challenge. Can the Youtube motoring star earn full marks?

Cape Town - There hasn't been much to shout about when discussing the latest season of Top Gear.

The huge presenter line-up  was widely criticised, Chris Evans' shouting was a sore point and fans begged for the return of original hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. 

After every episode, Evans faced a barrage of vitriol on social media and  unceremoniously quit the world's most popular motoring show. 

Beacon of light

We enjoyed the presenting and driving skills of Rory Reid and Chris Harris, and it's the latter that deserves special mention. Harris' car reviews on YouTube are as popular as cats playing the piano. Over the years he's built up a solid fan base. 

When Wheels24 sat down with the 41-year-old veteran in May 2016, we asked him what was the most exciting car he's driven this year. He said: "Ferrari TDF, it's exciting in all the right ways and a couple of wrong ways.

"For me, that's the limit that I can do in terms of sliding a car around and talking at the same time.

"I just find myself thinking, I really need to think here, rather than talk. It lets go so quickly, but God it's exciting. If you drive an F12, you get out of an F12 and you feel that your head's been frazzled and for someone to then say 'we've taken 150kgs out of it and added 40hp (30kW)', you'd go 'why?', why would you do that? But they did and the result is spectacular." 


Watch: Chris Harris drives the Ferrari F12 TDF

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