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SEE | The Mazda 3 proves that beauty starts on the outside

2019-11-15 14:35

Robin Classen

Mazda 3 by the beach

Image: Chad Gallant

You know that moment when you eat something once and the taste stays with you whenever you think of it, and by all means, you just have to experience it again.

While that analogy may apply mostly to food, the topic in question here is the new Mazda 3.

A beauty to look at

Car washed, sunroof adjusted and sweet Lupe Fiasco tunes flowing through the 9-speaker Bose sound system, its safe to say that people sat up, quite literally, and took notice.

SEE | The latest Mazda 3's interior is one to admire

What Mazda has done with the '3' is refinement on a higher level, not only on the inside and a technological level but as the whole package. It now sits in the same company as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and the VW Golf. That speaks volumes for the Japanese brand.

mazda 3 by the beach

                                                                                  Image: Chad Gallant

It can often prove a tough task finding the ideal spot to take pictures in Cape Town on a hot summer's day, but after a few hours cruising the twisting Atlantic Seaboard route towards Hout Bay, a secluded spot with panoramic ocean views opened itself up. It was time for the hatch to strut its stuff and strike a pose in front of the camera.

'Where do you look'

The exterior features become a case of 'where do you look' because there is just so much to gawk at and take in. From the black coated 18-inch wheels to the dominant grille, and LED equipped headlights, it has sports car written all over it. Mazda has concocted and found a recipe of what works, and oh boy, does it all come together in joyous aplomb.

mazda 3 by the beach

                                                                          Image: Chad Gallant

There are no fancy stickers and badging saying its the Astina flagship model in the line-up, the 'less is more approach' does it justice. The 'Mazda 3' and 'SkyActiv G' nametags are the only giveaway for any nervous eyes that might be on the lookout.

When the sun is up, this car is just a showoff but it lets off even more physical exuberance when the sun begins to set. You get to see the LED lights in full force while the darkened conditions effectively make the grille invisible and project a floating badge.

Mazda 3 by the beach

                                                                                Image: Chad Gallant

Its easy to over-complicate a car from the factory but this is Mazda's Kodo Soul in Motion to the tee. The visual appeal is unique and separates itself from the rest in a very good way.

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