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'You can feel how taut the steering is, how sensitive the accelerator is to inputs', writes Charlen Raymond.

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2019-09-27 13:15

Leigh-Ann Londt, Charlen Raymond

Toyota GR Supra

Image: Leigh-Ann Londt

The Toyota GR Supra arrived in South Africa earlier in 2019 and already the latest offering has a divided opinion. 

Truth be told, says Charlen Raymond, we didn’t expect anything less, because the Supra-name is revered and respected in all of the motoring world. It’s no wonder then, that the collaboration between Toyota and BMW ruffled as many feathers the way it did. Look closely, though, and the partnership between these two automotive giants is actually a good one.

Toyota, with all its Japanese brainpower, is working closely with BMW - a German powerhouse known for its technical precision and sound powertrains. And in the case of the BMW Z4, it had just the right architectural underpinnings from which to launch the new, fifth-generation Supra.

The compact dimensions of the 2019 Z4 is an ideal fit for the GR Supra. The latter is only available in hard-top configuration, as opposed to the drop-top Z4.

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Toyota GR Supra

                                              Image: Leigh-Ann Londt

GALLERY: 2019 Toyota GR Supra

Wheels24's intern, Leigh-Ann Londt, experienced the GR Supra from the passenger seat and had this to say: 

"Riding shotgun in the fifth generation Toyota GR Supra is far from boring and reminded me of the 1995 Toyota Supra featured in the 2001 Fast and Furious film.

It meets the requirements of being a sports car as well as being the twin of the BMW Z4. The cabin feels full of luxury and comfort as a BMW would feel, but the performance screams Toyota overall.

The 3.0-litre, six-cylinder turbocharged motor is mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox and as a passenger, you feel the power from pull-away. The vibration of the exhaust running through your body causes so much excitement, like a kid in a candy store.

The new Toyota GR Supra is equipped with anything a petrolhead may want when looking to purchase a sporty coupe: comfort, speed, and luxury. I would definitely want to buy one someday."

Here are five facts about the 2019 Toyota GR Supra

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