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2018-01-16 14:20

Rouel van Nelson

Image: Rouel van Nelson

The facelifted Hyundai Grand i10 was launched earlier in February. Wheels24's Rouel Van Nelson spent some time in the outgoing model.

Cape Town - When it comes to smaller vehicles, or compact cars, you think simplicity. 

Realistically you know that you won’t get premium features or large amounts of space and definitely won’t have the power of a sports car. 

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Ideally, with such limitations one can expect the price tag of a smaller car to correspond with what it has to offer - value for money. It's in this market that Hyundai's Grand i10 excels.

The Grand i10 will surprise you

The Grand i10 is available in four derivatives; 1.0L motion manual (from R149 900), 1.25-litre Motion Manual (R186 900), 1.25-litre Fluid Manual (R202 900) and the 1.25-litres Motion Automatic (R 203 900)

I drove the 1.25 Fluid Manual and my experience with the vehicle was thoroughly pleasing.

Inside the cabin

The driver’s seat and steering wheel provides a snug fit.  The seating in both drivers and passengers positions are relatively comfortable and don’t feel cheap at all. Head and leg room at the rear can be a bit awkward for taller folk.  

That said, the Grand i10 will fit four adults easily but that’s basically as far as it will go. Leg room at the rear is limited but that’s expected of a vehicle that’s only 3.7 meters long and 1.6 meters wide.

Despite its ‘cheaper’ car label, the Grand i10 is packed with features such as electric windows all round, so there’s no rolling of the forearm.


The automaker claims that the interior noise has been reduced due to dampening materials and I have to say that Hyundai did a good job on this. Engine/exhaust noise is basically non-existent, even more so when there’s a conversation going on or when there’s ambient music playing in the background.

Navigating through its infotainment system is a breeze until you’re trying to connect to the Bluetooth audio setting. Seeing the ‘connecting to bluetooth’ text for minutes on end was off putting at times, ultimately leading me to listen to the radio when I didn’t really want to.

Apart from its lack of space and Bluetooth irritations… there aren’t many drawbacks. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes.

The automaker describes the Grand i10 as 'fresh, dynamic, modern and perfect for urban city scape' and I agree.

The Grand i10 is far from a boring-looking vehicle as is the case with most compact cars. Automakers tend to create these to be as basic as a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans.

What gives the Grand i10 an edgy, modern appearance is its sporty accents. Its fitted with its 14" alloys (no hub caps over here).

There are less prominent features that come together to create a great overall design. Colour coded door handles, LEDs, multi-focus reflectors, side indicators on the mirrors and fog lights give the Grand i10 a well-rounded, premium look.

So easy to drive!

The very first thing I have to touch on regarding its drive is the fact that the Grand i10 is easy to manoeuvre and that instils confidence to tackle anything a city can throw at you. Its tight turning circle makes the Grand i10 one of the best starter vehicles available on the market.

The 1.25 Fluid Manual comes with a 64kW/120Nm power output, which is rather pleasant when shifting through its 5-speed manual gearbox.  

It can be said that there is nothing more irritating than a sticky gearbox and a clutch that wants to attack the sole of your foot, however the Grand i10’s transmission and clutch set-up is efficient and smooth.

Another aspect of the Grand i10 that will no doubt get your nod of approval is its steering.  It delivers in the handling department with its urgent but steady feel when going into bends. Again, the car may not encourage you to attack a corner like Max Verstappen but you immediately get the sense that you’re in a vehicle with confident handling. 

It’s also a highly economical car to own. Hyundai claims that the Grand i10 1.25L will do a good 5, 9 l/100km. However I get the sense that one can get even more out of its 43L tank with minimal enthusiasm on the accelerator pedal.

Overall, there’s little discouragement when it comes to the Grand i10. It looks cool, it comes at a good price and it drives well whether you have been on the road for 30 years or 30 days. So whether you’re a first time buyer, a student who is looking to save or perhaps just someone looking for an ‘A to B’ vehicle… the Grand i10 is a great choice.


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