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REVIEW: 5 things to like about the updated Datsun GO

2018-12-19 11:14

Robin Classen

Datsun GO

Image: Muntasir Rose

The latest version of the funky little Datsun GO is a sure winner and boasts all the attributes to be a top seller.

I've driven the car for just over a week now and it has grown on me. If I was in the market for an affordable, fuel-efficient car with all the basics, then the GO is right up there.

Bang for buck

There is plenty more I like about the car, but the ones mentioned below are the standout features which would benefit most lifestyles.

1. Superb fuel efficiency

I knew the Datsun was light on fuel with the automaker's claimed figure of 5.2 litres per 100km, but it was only when I got behind the wheel and experienced the economic benefits myself.

I began my journey with half a tank and the aircon placed on the first setting as the temperature was well over 30 degrees. I drove around for close to three hours and didn't look at the fuel range in that time, but I was expecting it to be about 2 bars down or around the 1/4 mark.

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'Wow! The bar is still in the same place' was my reaction when I finally parked. It was only on the way home that it finally dropped a bar.

Datsun GO

                                                                                 Image: Muntasir Rose

2. Fresh and funky design

While a Datsun GO in standard trim looks pretty much sterile, the sticker decal and 14" alloy wheel option on these newer versions look the part.

In addition, the LED daytime running lights add a modern dynamic to the whole package and compliments it well. I, for one, like the chrome-finished radiator grille that gives it a more aggressive look.

Datsun GO

                                                                              Image: Muntasir Rose

3. No more 'love seat'

I don't have anything against the 'love seat' but I'm glad it was chucked in order to make way for the cup holder and actual space between front passengers.

It now feels more like a car and not like someone being held up behind a large piece of material.

2018 Datsun Go

                                                                             Image: Calvin Fisher

4. Awesome infotainment system

The GO's 7" touchscreen infotainment is a welcome addition. It literally says 'Welcome' on the screen when you start the car, thereafter giving you a range of FM, Bluetooth and Carplay setup options.

I was a bit perturbed about having to take my eyes off the road for a few seconds but that did little to deter me. It is simple, user-friendly and definitely makes the cabin look modern.

Datsun GO interior

                                                                        Image: Muntasir Rose

5. Easy to drive

Whether you want to adjust the side mirrors or even hit the hazard button, everything is in reach and conveniently accessible to the driver.

The ergonomically-located gear shift lever is a winner. It just makes everything that much easier and leaves a bit of space in the console to put smaller items such as house keys or access tags.

Datsun GO

                                                                            Image: Muntasir Rose

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