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PICS: Porsche's blistering 991.2 GT3

2017-03-20 09:41

Ever wanted to play 1993 classic horror game, Doom, in your car? This video shows you how to mod a Porsche 911 to run the first-person shooter in three easy steps.

Sam Ayres, Themotorist.co.za

Porsche has unleashed it's latest sportscar - the 991.2 GT3. Sam Ayres, the Themotorist.co.za, tells us more. 

Germany - The Porsche 911 GT3 is a car that's gone on leaps and bounds since it first graced the tarmac in 1999.

It is a track machine that is suitable for the road and because of this, the GT3 has become very popular and sort after, especially in the South African market. 

Porsche have graced us with 10 models of the GT3 which started with the 996 and has now stretched to the 991. With each new model, this iconic Porsche has become faster and sharper. This is no different then with the latest addition to the range, the 991.2 GT3. 

Image: Porsche

Next-gen GT3

The 991.2 may not look all that different from its predecessor, you may notice wider cooling intakes on the front bumper, or the fact that the rear wing is 20mm higher and sits slightly further back, but this isn't totally obvious at first sight. 

These changes are not superficial either and the same goes for newly designed air channels which feature on the underbelly of the car.  All of these little design tweaks give the Porsche a lot more downforce over its predecessor, 20% to be exact. This equates to around 155kg at top speed. Because Porsche are clever, there is also no extra drag coefficient which would normally come along with extra downforce, which means straight line speed is not affected. 

Image: Porsche

The small, visible differences to the GT3 make a big difference in terms of performance. There are bigger changes and improvements to the new 991.2 and these cannot be seen at all because it involves the suspension, transmission and engine. Stuttgart have also listened to the Porsche faithful and answered their prayers by offering a manual transmission on the 991.2 GT3.

Image: Porsche

No word on SA availability or pricing yet but we can expect very few GT3’s for quite a few Rands.

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