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Paris auto show: Lexus to reveal new, innovative... car seat?

2016-09-22 08:22

COMFORTING: This car seat from Lexus will (supposedly) provide greater comfort over prolonged drives. Image: MotorPress


What happens when a speedster meets an inattentive driver? Watch as a Lexus RX and Renault Duster collide.

Cape Town - Lexus will debut what could be a revolutionary addition to its vehicle line-up at the 2016 Paris Auto Show - a high-tech car seat.

Lexus says its new kinetic seat concept showcases "a raft of advanced features and use of cutting-edge, synthetic spider silk materials”.

The radical seat concept, set to debut at the 2016 Paris Auto Show on September 29, incorporates a fibre net construction that re-evaluates the principles of car seat occupancy.

Rotational movement of the seat cushion and backrest simulates the fundamental spinal movements of human mobility to help stabilise the occupant's head.

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A spider web-pattern flexible net closely fits the body's shape, dispersing load for prolonged seat comfort and optimal body support, says Lexus.

The threads at the backrest of the spider web-pattern construction are made from environmentally friendly, synthetic spider silk materials.

Moveable seat cushion and backrest

Lexus says the seat cushion and backrest are designed to move in relation to occupant weight and external force. Thus, simply sitting in the seat helps stabilise head movement caused by the motion of the vehicle, keeping the occupant's field of vision steady and making driving easier and more comfortable.

The seat frame upholstery consists of a spider's web-pattern net with threads that radiate from the centre of the backrest. The net is flexible enough to closely fit the shape of the occupant's body, dispersing the load for improved comfortability, says Lexus.

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The centre of the backrest is at shoulder-blade height, which induces rotational movement of the chest around the seat's pivotal axis.

The threads that form the backrest's spider web-pattern construction are made from environmentally friendly, synthetic spider silk materials. The main component of this material is protein, created using microbial fermentation, then spun and processed into a new material that absorbs shock.

Image: MotorPress

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