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2020-01-07 07:00

Charlen Raymond

lamborghini Huracán evo

Image: Lamborghini Media

The Lamborghini Huracán is one of the standout sports cars of the past decade.

Though it has seen a number of changes being brought on to the original car (a new version is not yet reported), the changes over the years have been enough to warrant the car taking on a new leash on life.

With the new decade only a few days old, Lamborghini deemed it necessary to bring another Huracán to market. Only this time, it looks to be a tauter, more intense beast. And beastly it is, because the Huracán embodies everything Lamborghini stands for. Even if it is the ‘smaller’ of the two cars in the Italian automaker’s arsenal.

For the 2020 model year, Lamborghini opted to bring about numerous important changes to the car. These changes, as we can conclude, are about making the Huracán a more dynamically able vehicle. And how they’ve gone about their business is quite something.

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lamborghini Huracán evo

                       Image: Lamborghini Media

Less weight, less power

To increase the Huracán’s dynamic abilities, Lamborghini opted to shed some weight on the car. The biggest of these coming from the drivetrain. Because this car is rear-wheel drive only, it does not have the extra drive axle for the front wheels. It also does away with the four-wheel steering and torque vectoring system.

All the changes bring about a weight advantage of 33kg over the all-wheel drive model. Dry weight for the RWD Huracán is 1389kg.

However, the automaker opted to also reduce the 5.2-litre V10’s power output in this model. While this naturally-aspirated unit produces 470kW and 600Nm in the AWD Huracán Evo, the engine has been detuned to deliver 449kW and 560Nm. By no means does this suggest that the RWD Huracán is slow, because 0-100km/h is cleared in 3.3 seconds, 0-200km/h in 9.3sec, and top speed is rated at 325km/h.

The AWD model is 0.4sec faster in the 0-100km/h run.

lamborghini Huracán evo

                       Image: Lamborghini Media

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