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Mercedes-Benz EQV: Electric V-Class to make Frankfurt Motor Show debut

2019-08-23 08:46
Mercedes-Benz EQV

Image: Newspress

Automakers are in a race to launch fully-electric models and German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz will show off their second electric-vehicle at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September (10-22). 

The EQV follows on from the EQC that will make its South African debut in 2020. Mercedes will show the EQV, essentially an electric version of its V-Class, at the IAA next month. 

With a range of 405km, maximum power of 150kW and the rapid charging of the high-voltage battery from 10 to 80% in less than an hour, Mercedes says the EQV offers the ultimate comfort in the interior and unparalleled flexibility.

Top speed is a claimed 160km/h and there are also two different wheel bases to choose from. 


                                                                 Image: Newspress

The EQV is built in the same plant in Vitoria in northern Spain, where the V-Class and Vito are also made. 

Electric power

The electric drive train of the EQV sits on the front axle under the front end of the car with a charging connection in the bumper. It has a peak output of 150kW.

The electric motor, the transmission with a fixed gear ratio, the cooling system and the power electronics constitute a highly integrated, compact unit.

A lithium-ion battery is located under the floor of the vehicle. Mercedes says because of its low, central location it has positive effect on the handling characteristics of the EQV.


                                                                       Image: Newspress

As standard the Mercedes-Benz EQV is equipped with a water-cooled on-board charger (OBC) with a capacity of 11kW, making it suitable for AC charging at home or at public charging stations. 

The battery, which has a usable capacity of 90kWh, facilitates a maximum range of 405km. The installation of the battery in the space below the floor means that all of the space is available, with no impact on the interior of the vehicle.


Image: Newspress

This means that the fully electric MPV from Mercedes-Benz also meets the highest standards in terms of functionality and variability and covers a large number of applications. In the private sphere, for example, families benefit from a multitude of seating configurations as well as a good conscience from producing zero local emissions.

Six individual seats, on the other hand, turn the EQV into a representative shuttle vehicle that meets all of the requirements for the high-quality transportation of people with a comfortable and particularly quiet driving experience. The flexible installation of individual or bench seats also allows the EQV to be converted into a seven or even an eight-seater.


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