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2019-11-15 11:56

Janine Van der Post

hyundai i30 n

Image: Quickpic

Last year in October, the internet was buzzing when the highly-anticipated i30N was spotted in Durban at the Harbour.

Fans of the Korean car brand went ballistic and social media was flooded with images of the sporty cars.

Sadly, those cars were not for South Africans at the time and were just in transit as they made their way to Australia.

The locals were heartbroken and gutted by disappointment.

And watch the game they did!

Earlier in November Hyundai SA announced at its local Atos launch that the i30 N will arrive here early in 2020.

The automaker says only 50 units will be available per year, and only a select few dealerships. will be available of the exclusive car. We will update this article later next week with the list of the 15 dealerships which will be selling the i30N next year. 

Pricing for the new model has not yet been confirmed.

hyundai i30 n

Wheels24's Robin Classen says: "VW has the Golf GTI, Ford has the Focus ST, Renault has the Megane RS - Hyundai finally has a competitor to ruffle some feathers and take its place alongside the hot-hatch big guns.

"The i30N is all about aggression and backs it up with performance as well. Its 2.0-litre turbocharged engine kicks out an impressive 202kW with a capped top speed of 250km/h."

In October 2018, Stanley Anderson, sales and operations director of Hyundai Automotive SA, said: "We took note of the reports about the cars in Durban harbour, but they were not imported by Hyundai Automotive South Africa. 

"We do not have definite plans at the moment to launch the i30 N in South Africa, but the door is always open for that to happen when the circumstances prove to be right for such a venture. We are aware that – based on comments and reactions on social and local online media – quite an appetite exists for the launch of this performance car that was developed under the leadership of Albert Biermann at the Hyundai Motor Group. We are watching the game..."


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