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First impression: Meeting the Porsche 911 GT3

2017-11-27 15:06

Image: Charlen Raymond

Cape Town - When a sports car - a proper sports car - comes along, one is often left pondering whether or not it will live up to expectations. Take the Porsche 911 GT3 for example - sure it's a track-tuned monster on paper but what's it like on the road?

The media is rife with news and impressions on how intense it is, how it will leave almost anything it is pitted against in the dust. The only real takeaway is that it can be a scary car. And my goodness, is it scary!

Sure, when driven sedately it won’t bite but open the throttle and allow the six-cylinder engine to breath and the car will unleash so much power you’ll need all your wits about you to control it. 

It is blindingly fast! Eye-popping savage! The speedometer is ever climbing, the rev needle chews to the red line, the engine behind the driver is shouting for the life to be wrung out of it... In your mind it echoes, over and over again, that you are in one of the purest sports cars around; and it’s both intoxicating and addictive.

The 911 GT3 is insanely brilliant on- and off the race track; its precise steering and responsive throttle adding to an experience that few rivals can match.

However, it requires a gentle hand to control. Though it picks up speed fast, it's possible to carry that same momentum through sweeping bends. Thing is, the rear can become twitchy; especially when the tyres are cold. But in the grande scheme of things it only underlines what a true, pure-bred sports car this GT3 is. 

There is a profound connection between road, the wheels, steering wheel, and driver. Embrace that and the Porsche 911 GT3 is worth the drive.

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