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'You can feel how taut the steering is, how sensitive the accelerator is to inputs', writes Charlen Raymond.

Driven: Porsche 911 GTS

2017-12-30 10:55

Charlen Raymond

Image: Wheels24 / Charlen Raymond

Cape Town - As I walked up to the 911 GTS, I felt my heart throbbing in my throat. Not because I am suffering from irregular heart palpitations, but because I’m about to get behind the wheel of my first Porsche.

As I slipped into the passenger seat (familiarity is key!), I was taken aback slightly by the sparse interior. For a 911 one would think that it would be more luxurious - looking more like a R1.7-million car - but the GTS is quite basic. Even the seats have to be adjusted manually! 

You literally sit on the car floor; nestled in the bucket seat that grips around your waist. The Alcantara covered steering wheel weaving with the fibres on your palms. You know that it’s about to go down, but just how intense it’ll be will be revealed. Shortly.

I quickly flick the gear lever into drive and tickle the throttle with menace. It’s on! It’s finally happening! I’ve never had a car accelerate that fast on me before! Second gear, hooked! Third! It’s a loud, unadulterated noise in the cabin as the six-cylinder engine flirts with the red line.

It’s intoxicating, invigorating; this is what my teachers meant when they said “live life to the fullest!”

The GTS’ grip also seems endless as corner after corner, bend after bend is attacked with astounding levels of confidence. Finally time to hit the brakes, I overshoot my stopping point. Now I know where the limits are. Now I know how much pressure needs to be applied. That’s 4km done. Now for the next 6.

Again the accelerator is tickled with menace and again the 911 GTS shoots up the awaiting hill. This can’t be possible, can it? Is it legal for a car to react like this? Is it possible for a rear-wheel drive sports car to be this composed?

How did Porsche manage this?! The GTS scorches through its speedometer, sending rushing sensations through my spine as I feel the car hugging the road. Sensations of endearment as it leaves me astounded by its brilliance. Brake! A right-hander with an angle of about 30 degrees comes up, but the Porsche gets through without flinching.

At over 110km/h! No understeer. The rev needle rushes past five- and six thousand revolutions, at seven I engage the next gear, the speed way above what is legally permitted. Into a dip, up again, slight lift off the throttle to break some speed, accelerate and out the other side.

Feeling alive!

It then made sense why the 911 GTS is devoid of the fancy switches and electronic seats. It’s to save weight. It’s so that the very best of Porsche’s track technology and experience can be filtered through to a car that best resembles that.

Though Porsche instils track heritage in all of its vehicles, the 911 GTS might just be the best description of that. An unapologetic, brute of a car that has no time for someone who’s afraid to push it to its limits.

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This is what a driver’s car is all about. And this is the best sports car money can buy for under R2-million. This was also the first car that rendered me speechless.

Just thinking about that experience has my eyes burning again.


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