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BMW's autonomous vision features Rolls-Royce, Mini

2016-06-17 14:22

THE FUTURE OF THE BMW GROUP: BMW unveiled Mini and Rolls-Royce concepts which give a glimpse into the future of mobility for the German luxury automaker. Image: Supplied


BMW showed off what the future of motoring might look like for Mini and Rolls-Royce.

London - BMW debuted two world premieres of autonomous vehicles, following its Vision Next 100, the latest interpretations of future Mini and Rolls-Royce were shown at the Roundhouse in London.

BMW will complete a quartet of Vision concepts when its shows a Motorrad model on October 11 in Los Angeles, USA. 

Future vision

BMW is keen on understanding the future automotive needs and something the Munich-based automaker has set out to answer with its four Vision Vehicles. Each made by a different brand which BMW says represent a distinct interpretation of future mobility and embody a specific set of brand values.

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The concepts, the firm says, will explore a number of future themes, including autonomous driving, digitalisation and personalisation - and present premium mobility as completely effortless, constantly available, emotionally engaging and tailored to individual mobility needs.

BMW Vision Next 100

The BMW Vision Vehicle is still heeds the core values of the car: driving pleasure. BMW says drivers will want to continue driving themselves most of the time and constant connectivity, digital intelligence and cutting-edge technologies will enhance the ultimate driving experience.

However, the firm says future technologies will allow drivers to hand over active control of the vehicle if they wish. While they sit back and turn their attention to other things, the vehicle will take over.

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The Mini Vision Next 100

BMW says the main idea behind Mini is responsible use of resources for personal mobility. Emphasis is placed on car-sharing, with future Mini owners able to access and tailor any model to their own personal taste.

The Mini concept will be able to fetch drivers autonomously from wherever they like and adjusting the car’s appearance, driving characteristics and connectivity to suit the user’s lifestyle says BMW. 

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The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

The fully autonomous, zero-emission Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 takes luxury to a new dimension. BMW says inside the concept will be a private retreat, a “Grand Sanctuary” in which a virtual assistant, “Eleanor”, not only drives the vehicle but also fulfils the customer’s every wish throughout the journey.

The exterior will feature a clamshell canopy and coach door, allows passengers simply to stand up and step out of the vehicle. 

The Rolls-Royce will hark back to its coachbuilding heritage, the marque has developed the “Personal Vision” which will deliver unique coach-built bodies,  handcraftsmanship and the finest materials.

It's all about bespoke finishes with innovative production methods and materials will open up new perspectives for customers to create a vehicle to their own specifications: from wheelbase to body shape says BMW.

BMW says future owners will be able to choose the characteristics and equipment they desire, with the designers at Rolls-Royce creating an individually curated, bespoke masterpiece which is as unique as the fingerprint of its owner.

Well-heeled owners need only apply it seems. 

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London the ideal platform 

BMW says the UK is the natural place to unveil the Mini and Rolls-Royce Vision Vehicles, as Europe’s only mega city, London is the ideal platform to unveil these solutions for tomorrow’s personal mobility needs.

The event and exhibition concept will allow as many people as possible around the world to experience the BMW Group’s vision of future mobility. It is open to the public in London from June 18-26 2016.

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