Yay! Quirky Twizy gets windows

2012-10-30 09:43

Renault Twizy drivers won't all have to suffer in the cold or be drenched by rain - the French automaker now has an aftermarket kit that includes, er, zip-in windows.

Twizy owners will now be able to add windows to the electric ride in a matter of minutes with a device fixed to the Twizy's doors. A metal frame attaches to the door and a transparent panel fastens to the frame with a zip.


Accoring to Renault, the windows can easily fitted and removed by the owner and require no bodywork modification. An opening provides access to the door release and two slits in the panel provide air flow to prevent the interior misting up.

This new accessory goes on sale across Europe in November 2012, for the equivalent of R4100.

Twizy is the first electric compact two-seater from the Renault and retails in the UK from the equivalent of R93 000. It's legally classified in Europe as a heavy quadricycle and is powered by a 6.1kWh lithium-ion battery with a claimed range of 100km.

The Twizy was the top-selling plug-in electric vehicle in Europe during the first half of 2012 with 7460 sales.