VW’s e-Co van in Motion

2013-03-04 09:04

WOLFSBURG, Germany - Volkswagen will show a transport van concept at the 2013 Geneva International Auto Show in March.

Despite its large cargo capacity, the e-Co-Motion is compact and manoeuvrable, with carrying capacity of 800kg. What’s more, it's battery-powered.


Eckhard Scholz, speaking for the VW board, said: "Electric mobility – especially in light commercial vehicles – could play a crucial role in meeting the growing transport needs of the world’s megacities.

"Freight trains and conventional or hybrid-powered high-capacity trucks will deliver goods to the city limits then, at transfer stations, smaller biattery vans will take over.  Their predictable travel routes and fixed depots would simplify battery charging and equipment maintenance."

The e-Co-Motion offers good visibility and ergonomics and large doors to aid loading.

The e-Co-Motion’s design differs greatly from its current models. According to VW, it was designed to be built on a platform of “maximum space with minimal vehicle footprint".

The vehicle are 4.55m long, 1.90m wide and 1.96m tall. The concept vehicle offers a maximum cargo capacity of 4.6m3 and 800kg. 

This was enabled by partitioning the body to contain an underfloor drive unit, battery and gearbox.