VW lights a fire under Jetta for 2015

2014-12-11 13:27

VW's Jetta was introduced in South Africa in 1980 and has since sold more than  273 000 units as one of the world's most successful sedans - more than 14-million since 1979.

Nearly a million were sold in 2013, making the Jetta one of the top selling in the VW Group.

Whatever, everything can be improved, so VW has made some modest changes for 2015, among them redesigned nose and bum to be "sportier and modern". The body has been further sculpted; the improvements, VW says, have reduced drag by another 10%.


Look carefully and you'll note a redesigned grille with three fins and a revised bumper with, depending on model, revised lights - the bi-xenon headlights and L-shaped running lights particular features.

The interior has been refreshed "to ensure the new Jetta is more sophisticated" and the instrument cluster, steering-wheel, upholstery (Trendline only) and accents are all new.

The engine, however, are unchanged 1.2 TSI 77kW, 1.4 TSI 90kW and 1.4 TSI 118kW) turbopetrol and 1.6 TDI 77kW and 2.0 TDI 103kW turbodiesel.


The new visual band formed by the radiator grille and the headlights, VW says, as well as the now larger lower air inlet, "give the Jetta a more impressive, wider and modern appearance, reinforced by the re-sculpted fog lights".

Re-designed boot lid, tail lights, VW logo and rear bumper also identify the latest Jetta

The driver is now faced by instruments in "a sporty tube look", a multifunction display, a different steering-wheel, gloss black trim next to the gear-shifter, chromed accents, freshened air vents and ambient lighting (Highline derivatives).

As many as six airbags are offered, among them new head-thorax bags for rollover protection.


The Jetta is offered in three trim levels: Trendline, Comfortline,Highline. Key features of each below.

  • Trendline
    Manual aircon
    Radio RCD-310 with 8-loudspeakers
  • Front, centre armrest with storage box
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Electric windows front and rear
  • Driver and front passenger's front and side airbags with passenger airbag deactivation switch
  • Driver and front passenger's seat height adjustment
  • Height and reach adjustable steering wheel
  • IsoFix child seat preparation for two outer rear seats
  • Glovebox, cooled and illuminated
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Leather gear knob & handbrake handle
  • Electric exterior mirrors, separately heated
  • Body-coloured bumpers and door handles
  • Body-coloured door mirrors with integrated indicators incorporating LED technology
  • Auto-dimming interior mirror
  • Separate daytime running lights
  • Windshield wiper intermittent control with rain sensor
  • Black radiator grille
  • Black lower air intake
  • 16" alloy rims
  • 16" steel spare
  • Hill-hold
  • Cruise control
  • Electronic stability control
    USB port
  • Cloth upholstery

  • Comfortline
    Trendline specs plus...
    Tyre-pressure monitors
    Front fog lights
  • Chromed exterior trim (includes upper grille)
  • Radio/CD (6-CD changer, SD reader, touchscreen)
  • Rear centre armrest, two cupholders
  • 12V socket in boot
  • 16" alloy rims

  • Highline

    As per Comfortline plus...
    Sports front seats
    Auto aircon
    Cloth upholstery
    16" steel spare
    Chromed window mouldings
    Front fog-lights, static cornering lights
    Headlight washers
    17" alloy rims

  • Options
  • 17" alloy rims
    Power sunroof
    Leather upholstery
    Front and rear parking radar
    Bluetooth phone preparation
    Satellite navigation
    Rear-view camera
    Towball (except for 1.2 TSI)
    Bi-xenon headlights with diode daytime running lights
    Keyless access (locking and starting system)

    Retail Prices (inc VAT and emissions tax)
    1.2 TSI 77kW Trendline       -                     R258 000
    1.4 TSI 90kW Trendline             -               R272 500
    1.4 TSI  90kW Comfortline           -             R286 700
    1.4 TSI  90kW Comfortline DSG      -           R302 700
    1.6 TDI 77kW Comfortline               -          R302 900
    1.6 TDI 77kW Comfortline DSG          -        R318 900
    1.4 TSI 118kW Highline DSG               -      R331 900
    2.0 TDI 103kW Highline DSG                -     R358 000

    Warranty and service
    The revised Jetta range carries a five-year or 90 000km service plan, three-year of 120 000km warranty and a 12-year no rust-through warranty.
    Service intervals 15 000km.


    • Henning Pantke - 2014-12-11 13:41

      Great upgrades and changes, it went from ultra super boring and expensive to ultra boring and ridiculously expensive. VW, aiming to be more and more like Toyota.

        Kal Reegar - 2014-12-11 14:25

        Sorry, the boredom of this trolly sets a benchmark for Toyota to achieve.

        Louis Kr├╝ger - 2014-12-12 11:41

        Enjoy your Renault

        Revelgen - 2014-12-12 14:21

        Methinks you read too much Top Gear - heavily influenced by one circus ringmaster with the initials JC. For proof: they praise the Golf to the skies - 'the best done even better.' But as soon as decent luggage space is added - namely a boot - but exactly the same car, suspension, engines etc,'their comment becomes 'We're struggling to stay awake on this one'. Bloody hypocrites. However the Jetta still remains one of the VW Group's best-selling models notwithstanding.

        Johan Grundling - 2014-12-12 14:50

        Where is the 'FIRE' this headline claims? Reading that, one would think there would be performance upgrades as well.

    • Jackey Moss - 2014-12-11 16:06

      VW A8 ???

    • Maarten Slabbert063 - 2014-12-11 16:44

      I am a VW fan. But this is just too expensive. What is VW thinking!

        Freddie Jones - 2014-12-14 10:58

        All of the German car makers seem to have lost their sense of value. Volkswagen has definitely ceased to be 'The People's Car'. It is no wonder that the best selling make in SA is Korean. Next it will be Chinese.

        Henning Pantke - 2014-12-14 11:50

        And the prices quoted doesnt include any of the options, add another R60k+

    • Frikkie Taljaart - 2014-12-12 10:30

      Still a better buy as a kia or corolla, especially the fact that the engines are turbocharged. BUT VW still persist in de tuning the engine outputs to protect its overpriced sister brand audi. That 103kw engine is good for 140kw easily, and for that price it should be 140kw period. At least it has a DSG box, and not an ancient power sapping torque converter like kia's and toyotas

    • Yashveer Ramphal - 2014-12-12 10:39

      In relation to its rivals, this car is priced appropriately. VW is no longer Audi's poor cousin - VW and Audi are on par with one another and priced accordingly (except that Audi charges slightly more since it comes with a full maintenance plan vs. VW's service only plan). VW (Golf and Jetta) is an Audi for people who want (and can afford) an Audi (A3 hatch and sedan) but do not want to shout their premium status. The quality and drive of a VW is still miles ahead of its direct competitors. Yes, you do not get as many standard toys as the Japanese and Koreans, but you do get a better quality drive and efficinet (yet powerful) turbo charged engines. My pick would be the 1.4 TSI 118kW Highline DSG - it will run rings around the non-turbo 2.0 and 2.5 engines from its rivals and offer better fuel economy. Just stay away from the diesels - applies to all car brands - until SA's fuel quality improves. Our diesel is good enough for bakkies, not high powered turbo diesel cars...

        Leon Schnell - 2014-12-12 20:01

        Are you saying that about diesel from experience Yashveer? I haven't owned any diesels before, but I have driven tons - including the 2.0 TDI Jetta, which has spades of torque - and I've never had any issues with them during week-long tests. There's that diesel clatter, sure, but the torque makes up for it in any petrolhead's book!

        Revelgen - 2014-12-13 15:42

        I agree with you, Yashveer. What I hate about all turbo diesel cars is that they really take off with a burst of speed, then die a total death at 4500 r/min, just when you're getting going. For someone raised on the thrill of taking a car up to at least 6500 with oomph all the way, diesel is a real letdown. But horses for courses, I suppose....

    • Tiaan Du Plooy - 2014-12-14 12:19

      Be cautious with the cruise control unit...limited design makes it function as if nothing is engaged. Picks up speed on downhills and decrease speed on up hills. Nothing like the Jetta V. VWSA states "nothing is wrong" or "there is no defect"...VWSA refuse to make the design parameters of the Jetta V and Jetta VI known to the public, and they charge the public for this limited functionality. Make sure you understand the limitations before you buy the vehicle. Once you buy it, VWSA simply looks the other way. PATHETIC!!!

        Thando Gqabaza - 2014-12-17 07:08

        Sounds like the normal VW experience

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