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Suzuki Vitara: Aerodynamic yet powerful performance

2015-11-09 14:11

Aerodynamic yet powerful performance

The engine transmission, and other individual components like the AllGrip system, enhance and complement each other for perfectly synchronised, powerful and sporty performance. The AllGrip 4WD system enables you to reach places your adventurous spirit wants you to go.

AllGrip 4WD

The 4WD system, AllGrip, has four driver-selectable modes – Auto, Sport, Mud/Snow and Lock – designed to maximise road grip while decreasing running costs. At a turn of the dial, the AllGrip system allows the driver to rediscover what the Vitara was created for: all-out-adventure!

Auto Mode: This mode normally keeps the vehicle in 2WD, but when tyre slippage is detected, it automatically switches to 4WD, providing reassurance in cases of sudden changes in weather like unexpected showers.

Sport Mode: Changes accelerator and torque characteristics for better engine response. It also delays ESP® intervention, respecting the driver’s intentions for sporty driving.

Mud/Snow Mode: Provides optimal configurations on slippery surfaces, such as ice, snow and mud. This mode anticipates slippage before it occurs and allocates torque to the rear wheels, ensuring outstanding grip. Lock Mode*: This mode constantly distributes high torque to the rear 
wheels to generate maximum traction. Braking is applied to slipping wheels and ample torque to the gripping wheels is provided.

*Lock mode automatically switches to Mud/Snow mode at speeds over 60km/h 1.6-litre engine

This powerful and responsive engine produces confident driving on busy city roads as well as winding lanes. The reduced friction and weight in the engine ensure exceptional fuel economy.

Maximum output: 86kW@6000rpm
Maximum torque: 151Nm@4400rpm

System Transmission
2WD: 5MT / 6AT  
4WD: 5MT

CO2 (g/km)
136 / 139 / 145

Fuel Consumption


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