Subaru/Toyota supercar on lines

2012-03-19 10:57

OTA CITY, Japan - Production of one of 2012’s most anticipated new models, the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT 86, has started at Subaru’s Gunma factory here.

The landmark event in the collaborative agreement between Subaru’s parent, Fuji Heavy Industries, and Toyota Motor Corporation was attended by the president of each corporation.

Subaru’s Gunma Main Plant, which will produce both the Subaru and Toyota versions, has had a significant re-fitting to cope with the extra demand. Subaru plans to produce the Impreza at the same plant by March 2013.


Fuji president Yasuyuki Yoshinaga commented: “This car symbolises our corporate strategy in two significant aspects: good progress in our alliance and advancement of our 'select and focus' approach. The start of production was a huge step but it is not our goal. By constantly refining both models, FHI and TMC hope to nourish each model to be loved by customers all over the world for a long time to come.”

TMC president Akio Toyoda said: “The Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 could not have been successfully developed without collaboration between FHI and TMC. We started the alliance for mutual growth in 2005.

"Now I’m delighted to see that our alliance has borne fruit.”

  • stampalex - 2012-03-19 12:17

    Man, that guy in the picture must be the smallest dude I have ever seen - or the cars are for larger oks than me...

      christo.stone - 2012-03-19 12:47

      They are Japanese :p

      Deen - 2012-03-19 15:23

      Or rather, and undeniably correctly, the camera angle creates a perspective in which the man, standing on a far lower level than the cars, appears smaller than he is

      kabelous.bogosi - 2012-03-20 19:31

      Size of the wheel.

      Seitshiro.M - 2012-03-21 09:03

      Is he/she human or robot?

  • martin.doubell - 2012-03-19 14:53

    One car, THREE brands, in the US its a Scion FRS http://www.scion.com/cars/FR-S/

  • Neo - 2012-03-19 17:46

    And this is a supercar how ?

      Craig - 2012-03-20 10:08

      well it`s a pretty neat package i`d say.definately not a supercar,but you`ll be getting a rwd,two door,good looking car.And it will be gti power at around gti price too.At +- 350 k i`d seriously take a look at it before going for the scirroco etc.i think the idea is also for owners to `play` with it and fit ugraded kits,parts etc.you know,the drifters and fast+furious type.

      Thando - 2012-03-20 14:19

      Toyota never claimed that it is a supercar - The News24 headline did.

  • Jaco - 2012-03-23 18:25

    Which one would I buy....? They are essentially the same car, so for the sake of being different, I'd probably rather drive the Scooby.

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