Stylish MG3 headed for SA

2013-06-13 15:03

BIRMINGHAM, England - This MG3 will be the second of a new generation of MG vehicles to leave the assembly line in Birmingham, central England, since the introduction of the 6 range of GT fastbacks and Magnette sedans.

The cars are four metres long, 1.7m wide and 1.5m high and borrows styling cues from the MG Zero concept car.
The automaker says: “The MG3 is a distinctive statement of modern British style designed for young and style-conscious buyers who want something different from anything else in the market.”


The MG3 will arrive in South Africa later in 2013 with at least two more new products joining the range in 2014. It will be powered by a 77kW, four-cylinder, VTi-TECH petrol engine and drive through a five-speed manual gearbox.

MG UK’s sales and marketing director Guy Jones told Wheels24: “This new MG3 is a great package for the growing number of European customers looking for a small but stylish car that’s affordable and practical. The reaction to the MG3 has been extremely positive from male and female customers ; now MG dealers will soon have a second all-new model in their showroom.

“This is a car for which MG enthusiasts and dealers across Europe have been waiting but, more significantly, it will bring a whole new group of first-time customers to MG.”


The four-door hatchback has sporty styling designed to give it "a cheeky touch of flair from every viewing angle". Up front are “hockey stick” LEDs, a black mesh grille and a wraparound windscreen. Its dual-tone skirts echo the design of the MG Zero.

The rear was inspired by MG race cars. 


The MG3’s "rolled and raised facia creates more legroom, a theme continued in the rear.

Jones said: “It has a distinctive and cheeky style and will be fun to buy, own and drive for a wide range of people. It’s the modern interpretation of a the small, fun MG's of yesterday and shows how we will take the essence of this iconic brand into the future.”

Buyers will be able to customise their car in a variety of ways. Read more!

  • Vickers Vermeulen - 2013-06-13 16:36

    Not a 2seater roadster? When will the Chinese realize that that is what MG is all about? This is just another Chinese hatch with a fancy badge.

  • Trevor Bush - 2013-06-14 03:21

    Called badge re-engineering, recently GM did it successfully with Chev/Daewoo and the MG will sell for sure, if they are priced right. What gets me is, our local manufacturers have to produce +90 000units to qualify for imports tax reductions YET, these Chinese cars are coming in cheaper...HOW THE HELL do they get this right..look at the new Subaru/Toyota venture, the little sportsters are EXACTLY the same car yet the Subaru costs ALOT more why, because Toyota produces +90 000units so they get tax reductions.....

      Neil Russell - 2013-06-16 17:03

      The chinese can do it because maybe, just maybe they are really good friends with zuma & co? Poor quality, slave wages and horrendous working conditions help too of course!

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