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Small Mercs get the S-Class edge

2011-05-24 10:42

FUTURE FIRST: The next B-Class will appeal to tech-savvy younger buyers, Mercedes says. Image gallery of spy shots of the next B-Class.

Mercedes-Benz, desperate to invite youthful energy into its customer profile, will reportedly tap into its flagship S-Class parts bins for gadgets it hopes will catch the eye of elusive younger buyers.

The next-generation B-Class completely missed the younger-buyer mark, attracting instead much older buyers than the company had expected. While we're sure all buyers are welcome, this time around, cameras, radars and internet connections are just a few of the things Mercedes hopes will sway buyers and help the Stuttgart-based automaker to regain market share from Audi and BMW.

The new B will reportedly feature items such as PreSafe and in-car internet, as well as engines lifted from the C-Class range. To be launched later in 2011, Mercedes hopes the B-Class will find favour with younger families.


But the styling of the new A and B-Class (plus their promised derivatives) has been recognised as a key element to boosting the automaker’s attractiveness in the luxury small hatchback segment, too. Based on what was seen of the A-Class concept at the recent Shanghai Auto Show, the next model will be an athletic hatchback with a long bonnet and low-roofed profile.

Increased activity in the luxury hatchback market was highlighted recently with the launch of Audi’s A1, while the arrival later in 2011 of the CT 200h from Lexus also promises to be something worth waiting for.

Keeping up the pace, Mercedes has previously indicated the new A will also spawn a small coupe and an SUV.

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