SNEAK PEEK: Golf 7 for SA

2013-01-30 08:33

CAPE TOWN - Ride quality, performance, practicality... Volkswagen’s Golf remains the benchmark for quality hatchbacks. Since its launch in 1974 over 29 million models have been sold globally with 323100 sold in South Africa since its local introduction in 1978.

The seventh generation Golf made its debut at the Paris Motor show in September 2012 and in January 2013 the new model makes its way to South Africa.

The new model will powered by a range of new petrol and diesel engines and will be available in three specification levels - Trendline, Comfortline and Highline.


Retail price ranges from R233800 for the 1.2 TSI 77kW  to R334 800 for the 2.0 TDI 110kW.

The petrol range consists of a 1.2 TSI (77 kW) coupled to a six-speed manual and a 1.4 TSI (90 kW) available with a six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG. Topping the petrol range at launch is the 1.4 TSI (103 kW) mated to a six-speed manual.

Diesel engines are the 2.0 TDI (81kW) mated to a five-speed manual and 2.0 TDI (110kW) available with a six-speed DSG.

Built with on the automaker’s MQB (Modularer Querbaukasten) platform, the model represents an evolution of the design we’ve come to expect from the Golf.


At 4.2m long, the new Golf is 56mm longer than its predecessor, with a 59mm longer wheelbase at 2.6m.

The front wheels are positioned 43mm forward and the new model is 13mm wider (1.7m) and 28mm lower at 1.452m. Boot capacity has increased by 30 litres to 380 litres.

Despite being larger, the new Golf is 100kg lighter than the outgoing model and according to VW, it is 23% more fuel efficient.

Safety has been increased in the new model with the addition of a new multi-collision brake system which automatically applies the brakes after a collision

VW says, “The system significantly reduces kinetic energy following a collision and thus minimises the chance of second impact.”

Inside, the controls have been redesigned and are now more angled towards the driver. Drivers will benefit from the automaker’s new touchscreen infotainment systems featuring  digital radio, auxiliary inputs (including USB), bluetooth and trip information.

Wheels24 will be attending the launch of the new model in Port Elizabeth from 31 January to 01 February 2013. Check back on our New Models section as we’ll publish our launch report on VW’s next-generation Golf.

  • Killbot79 - 2013-01-30 09:24

    I would rather by the Merc A-Class when it comes out for less than those prices. R334K for a 2.0 TDI with no features? Peugeot 308 has a higher powered 2.0 HDI with more toruqe and all the add-ons for a Golf are standard in the 308, plus the 308 is more reliable and costs 50K less.

      thando.gqabaza - 2013-01-30 09:57

      You might be right about the reliability

      de.stig.9 - 2013-01-30 10:22

      Its bit premature to bring the A class into the equation, it’s untested and it’s a pretty new concept worse of all we don’t know the price in SA but you right on pricing, looks like the only way to bring down the price was to give us 1.2 engines with armrest as an option

      raath - 2013-01-30 10:25

      No, he made sense up to the point on reliability. Then his argument went pear-shaped.

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-30 10:36

      Sorry to disappoint you raath but I have owned a golf 5 and a polo and they had many problems, I then went to own a 207 and now a 308 and have had no problems. Stid De I saw a pricelist of the new A class and the A220 CDI is R335K which means a bigger engine and lots more torques than the golf, and I think it includes an auto box.

      brak.jan - 2013-01-30 13:30

      Sorry Killbot, I'm with Raath. I've had experiance with 4 different Pugs, all of them had horrible reliability. Not to mention they have the one poorest resale values on the market. I agree that 334k is too expensive for the 2l TDI. We will have to wait and see what exactly you get for you buck. Oversees reviews says the Golf 7 is without equal.

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-30 14:38

      Volkswagen reliability is well below average. Pug reliability is about as "bad" as it gets (given that even "unreliable" cars of today are pretty reliable). "Ride quality, performance, practicality... Volkswagen’s Golf remains the benchmark" yes, absolutely. But when it comes to quality, VW have long been miles behind the Japs and Koreans. IMO that is the one thing keeping VW, a very, very good brand indeed, from being a great brand.

      raath - 2013-01-30 15:17

      @Zathris - so you are saying that even Toyota, with its many recalls and cheap plastics they use, is better quality than the VW?

      thando.gqabaza - 2013-01-30 20:18

      @raath - The recalls are there to fix issues - I'm still waiting for VW to issue a recall for the sludge problems. VW simply denies everything. As for the cheap plastics , strange , they seem to last longer than VW "soft touch" plastics which peel away. Anyway , which dealer do you work for ?

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-31 08:50

      @Raath: What I am saying is that this is what all the experts in the field of reliability study are saying. But hey, I guess the 50% of people marking my comments down know more than the people actually working in that field....

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:10

      Agreed Thano - I had to replace my aircon 4 times in my golf 5 because it kept blowing, they wanted to start charging me, that's when I decided to buy the 207.

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:10

      Sorry I meant Thando not Thano

      michael.smit.73997 - 2013-02-02 11:06

      @raath. vw are also having bad problems with their DSG system, look all over youtube. one thing about toyota, they always come out with new engine design for every series of model. you had your old yaris producing 63kw 1.3 L and now the new yaris is 73 kw dual vvt-i 1.3L Vw neglects their base model, my mother has a 2008 polo 1.6 and jeez its not cheap on fuel and it has more rattle than my yaris sedan. my yaris sedan which is far more comfy than a 2008 polo gets 6.5 Litres/100km with urban driving

  • cobus123456 - 2013-01-30 09:25


      Killbot79 - 2013-01-30 09:46

      Haha, it's just a renumbered golf 6

      raath - 2013-01-30 10:26

      It was actually designed on a new platform.

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-30 10:38

      raath - how does VW justify building it cheaper and charging more for it. The Polo GTI costs as much as the Golf 5 GTi did, hell the the Polo GTI costs more than my 308.

      brak.jan - 2013-01-30 13:33

      It's very-very far from a renumbered golf 6. From a distance they look similar, but that's it. Totally different car that brings levels of refinement, luxury and comfort that is usually found in much higher segments. That's the general consensus among those who have tested it

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-30 14:53

      @Killbot: Remember everyone saying the Golf 6 was just a renumbered Golf 5. As it turns out anyone who held that opinion ended up looking like an idiot. Secondly, regarding the price: Have you ever heard of a thing called inflation? With 6% inflation compounding annually for 5 years (and please don't tell me that your salary has increased by less than 6% year on year in that time) everything costs 33% more. Take that over 10 years and prices will have gone up by 80%. The entry level Golf 7 is cheaper in "real" terms than the Golf 6 was, which in turn was cheaper than the Golf 5. Considering that with each new generation the cars are getting better, we are actually getting more value for money. Yes, the cars are damn expensive. But the reality is that they are a lot less expensive than people perceive them out to be because we don't tend to notice the effect of inflation on stuff we buy, but forget that our pay is going up at the same rate even if you never actually progress in your career...

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:11

      Zathris - So why haven't the other cars in the segment gone up so much like the Golf has?

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-31 14:15

      @killbot: which "other" cars? The Golf has been the most expensive in its segments for more than a decade. If anything the Golf is a bit cheaper relative to its competition than it was 7 years ago. I am sure that some competitors will have increased by slightly less, and some by slightly more, but I seriously doubt the Golf is sufficiently worse than the average to warrant your claim.

  • erik.p.vanwyk - 2013-01-30 09:35

    Saw one from the back this morning at our VW dealership on my way to work. I thought it was the new A3 only to notice the VW badge. The best way to describe it is a flatter Golf 6 with A4 lights at the back,basically what the new A3 is. What happened to individualism?

  • helloserve - 2013-01-30 10:37

    A starting price of R230k for the entry level model just goes to show how out of touch VW is with the consumer at this point in time.

  • john.turner.58760608 - 2013-01-30 12:29

    Why oh why, when a car get's "upgraded" or "made-over" it is made bigger, which of course means more expensive. Compare the present Golf to a CitiGolf (which is the original Golf) and see how bigger the new one is. What happens that Golf buyers now drop to a polo. I used to have a Passat but with all the resizing etc. I cannot afford one. Volkswagen definitely does not live up to its name of "People's Car". (and am not just getting a VW)

      miguel.graca.102 - 2013-01-30 14:21

      I agree with you John. I've been saying the same thing for years. The Golf 7 is now only 7cm shorter in length than the Jetta 1 and the Jetta 1 carried the same number of passengers and had a bigger boot.Incidentally the original Volkswagen Type 2 or Kombi was a 1cm shorter overall than Golf 7!!!

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-30 15:06

      I agree 100% John. Make the cars better, but keep them the same size. Bigger does not always mean better, but for some reason a lot of manufacturers seem to think it does, probably because they believe most customers believe this...

  • sabelo.mzuku - 2013-01-30 12:50

    its expensive!

  • colin.ashby.35 - 2013-01-30 13:18

    would rather get a peugeot, in the uk thousands of them running around.why , because they are reliable

      fredster.mania.5 - 2013-01-30 13:28

      The only reason why I will not buy a Pug is the resale value. Other than that, I will have the Pug above the Golf. They are overrated and come with little extras

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-30 14:08

      Fred all cars have poor resale value

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-30 15:02

      @Colin: LOL. Peugeots are cheap, I'll give them that. But their parts are very expensive and their reliability record is terrible (according to pretty much every study on the subject as opposed to someone's anecdotal evidence to the contrary).

      colin.ashby.35 - 2013-01-31 09:12

      yes i agree that in the rsa they might be a tad expensive on spares and the servicing is rubbish. but i see they are on a big drive to change that. also all car makes have bad resale value, i wish people would stop going on about it. mercs that cost R1.5m now selling for R400k and bmw sold for 300k now selling for 40k. happens to everyone

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:13

      Zathris - Have you owned a Peugeot? How would you know they have reliablility issues? Or are you just another french car basher?

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:26

      Colin - that drive to improve service is paying off, I actually, get better service than what I did from VW, Toyota and Hyundai and Ford, those manufacturers included my wifes cars. Hyundai was the worst, they always blamed every problem on the driver, the car could never have this or that happen to it. They would laugh at my wife and be condescending to her, same with Ford when I had my Focus for a year and got rid of it.

      colin.ashby.35 - 2013-01-31 10:16

      @killbot...what happens when you think you are doing well and that your product sells without the customer thinking twice, is that you get complacent, and then its a long slide downhill.toyota , had a worldwide ego problem and think their cars are reliable, yet have the greatest recall of all manufacturers. i asked people in the UK how they found the service and spares issues, they said no issues. i would love to own a peugeot, and i think soon i may do so. i had a renault and i dont care what anyone says, that is one well built car. does what it says in the book. once out of guarantee, find a private to service. PSA are working real hard to improve their service levels worldwide, as they know if they dont , the group will collapse.

      brak.jan - 2013-01-31 11:06

      @colin - yes, all cars have bad resale values, but a 50% drop in the first 12months is unacceptable. I also do not agree about the Renault: a colleague of mine just sold his because it kept on braking down and the dealer could not fix it. Renault also got the worst satisfaction rating in the latest CAR magazine satisfactory survey, for the second year in a row. @killbot – i know three different Peugeot owners that got rid of their cars because of reliability issues and a forth (owner of a 208) that is also starting to get fed up. I thought we are past the days of new cars just refusing to start / cutting out for no apparent reason whilst driving. And each time the Peugeot dealer was unable to solve the problem. Peugeot features consistently at the bottom of reliability surveys I am not a French car basher, but if they want to be seriously contenders, they will have to up their game.

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-31 14:35

      @Killbot: No I do not own a Peugeot. When I spend a lot of money on a car, I believe in doing a bit of research first. Finding the information you need to make an informed decision has nothing to do with having owned/not owned a particular car. In fact anecdotal evidence of this sort is quite likely to be misleading because one ownership experience is way insufficient to make any kind of statistical predictions. For example, let's say 1 in 5 Peugeots gives major problems during the first 5 years, while for example 1 in 10 Hondas gives major problems. Going purely on anecdotal evidence, 80% of Peugeot owners would believe their cars are just as reliable as Hondas. And of course they would be wrong. Anyhow those statistics do exist. There are people who have studied them and published the results. I don't even need to be a car expert to know that Peugeot is one of the least unreliable brands on the market, because the people who are experts have done the research and reached that conclusion. If you genuinely believe your expertise is greater than that of the real experts out there, then I say good luck to you! FYI: My conclusions re: Peugeot is that you get a LOT of car for your money, but will probably have to pay for it later. If you don't mind taking a bit of a gamble you *could* land up with a good car costing you a lot less than the competition. But you do also run the risk of things going the other way, costing you more money and hassle in the long run.

      jango.za - 2013-01-31 16:19

      No because there is insufficient landmiles to drive them far and hard. In SA, Pugs suck.

  • athe.itis.3 - 2013-01-30 18:18

    R230 000 for a 1.2??? An idiot and his money are soon parted...

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-31 08:56

      Don't think of it as a 1.2. Think of it as a 77kW engine with fuel efficiency sitting at below 6 liters/km (my guess). The days of judging an engine purely by its displacement are fast becoming ancient history.

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:14

      claimed fuel economy of 6 L/100 KM but in reality that's most likely to be around 8 or 9.

      brak.jan - 2013-01-31 11:08

      killbot, you are obviously unfamiliar with TSI engines. go read a few road test and reviews and you will see VW's claims are actually not very far off.

      Killbot79 - 2013-02-01 08:56

      My friend has the 1.4 TSI and he doesn't get anywhere near the claimed fuel index, but that goes for any car I suppose, those numbers are derived from non-real world tests, like closed circuit tracks

  • jango.za - 2013-01-30 18:58

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... er what? Did someone say something? Oh, I th... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Threetimeschampions - 2013-01-30 21:53

    Once again, why is the same 2tdi engine in Audi 130kw and the golf have 110kw? And you lot that recon the golf is poor quality etc, please do yourselves a favour and go and drive a gti6 for three years, mine has 80000 kilos on the clock and the car is still spotless, inside and outside, with brilliant resell value and please, a pug is French crap that should be banned in this country

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:15

      Antoher french car basher who bases his arguments on zero facts.

      jango.za - 2013-01-31 16:18

      Read the bad comments columns in most of the car mags. The French do build crap, on par with their deserved resale values.

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-01-31 16:52

      I based my comments on facts robot racer. French cars outside Europe is a idiotic buy period. They are very nice to look at but that is about it, just like the alfas. And once you buy it you drive it till it goes to the scrapyard as it has no resale value, not even the French dealerships wants to give you a trade-in value.

      vickers.vermeulen - 2013-02-01 16:29

      @Kilbot79. French car bashing based on zero facts? According the 2012 JD Power survey in the UK the manufacturers were placed : 1 Jaguar 2 Skoda/Lexus 4 Honda 5 Merc 6 Toyota 7 Audi 8 Volkswagen 9 Volvo 10 Nissan/BMW 12 Land Rover 13 Seat/Kia 15 Mini 16 Ford 17 Mazda /Peugeot 19 Alfa 20 Citroen/Hyundai 22 Mitsubishi 23 Renault 24 Suzuki 25 Fiat 26 Vauxhall 27 Chevrolet

      fredster.mania.5 - 2013-02-04 13:54

      Only in SA where people like yourself is brainwashed. The French cars (1.6THP) engine is 4 years running, world engine of the year. Go and see how many French cars in the UK and Europe compared to VW, and then see who wears the pants...in the real world

      vickers.vermeulen - 2013-02-04 19:21

      Uhm check my post again. I mentioned the UK JD power survey, That old bean, stands for United Kingdom (That little island up north where the Poms come from). Brainwashed? The last VW I had the pleasure of owning was traded years ago on a Megane II. After a short but very painful experience I decided that a Frenchie will never again be allowed inside my garage. Since then I looked to the far east and and drove cars made in Korea and Japan. I have only good memories about VW but I am not blind to the good and bad characteristics of other marques. Oh and about all those French cars that sell that well in the UK. Take a look at bestsellingcarsblog.com and you will notice that the best selling French cars for 2012 in the UK is the 207 at 27th and the Clio at 28th spot. Megane game in at 53rd with 12250 units sold. Compared to Golf6 on its outgoing year with 5th and 62021 units that is not even in the same ballpark. So no French cars perform miserably in the UK.

  • sirian.dee - 2013-01-31 07:16

    R335k for the 2.0 TDI with DSG and better consumption (& possibly HID lights) seems good to me compared to the Golf 6 2.0 TDI manual that is listed at R328k. With the newer tech they have brought out with it, would like to see what comes standard. Looking to replace my 2001 TDI which is fast approaching 300k kms and was told the A class is only due mid year. Has some good things going for it but not sure of the non adjustable headrests that are forward tilted as I prefer seat upright when driving. The space in the back is also a concern with my 6ft 13yr old but the golf might not be any better - will see when we test drive.

  • imfene.imfene - 2013-01-31 08:39

    I'd much rather drive an Alfa Giulietta - which I do! :) VW and Audi's cars all look like they have been pressed out of the same mold nowadays - super boring looking cars..

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-31 09:15

      Alfa is making some seriously nice looking cars lately!!

      ThandoGqabaza - 2013-01-31 10:22

      Oh that 159 almost tempted me a few years back. The Giulietta as well.

      brak.jan - 2013-01-31 11:16

      good for you imfene. Unfortunately the alfa has an arguably worse reliability/quality record and resale value than Peugeot/Renault. in a recent review of the giulietta, the reviewer was surprised that some of the interior trimming fell of in a car with less than 5000km's on the odo! They do have unique/different looking cars, which is an important consideration for many

      jeffrey.chan.1800721 - 2013-02-03 08:13

      Brak, sorry I didn't recall any, on my qv, absolute beauty to drive than a golf

  • roscoe.louw - 2013-01-31 12:56

    I had the Polo Classic and now a Jetta. Polo done 260000km in 6yrs and no problem other than the rear bearing needing to be replaced and my Jetta is on 135000 and only the passenger light going out every year. I think a car is as reliable as the owner who looks after it. Neglect the car and it will give you problems.

      zathris.voulge - 2013-01-31 14:42

      While I agree that the owner does affect reliability of any car, statistics have proven pretty comprehensively that some brands are better than others. In other words, it doesn't matter who you are, you are more likely to experience problems with some brands than with others.

  • abzisto - 2013-01-31 15:14

    Great but expensive

  • magomarele - 2013-01-31 15:52

    GOLF5 is still the cutest of them all. Pity I didn't have enough money to own one during my youth years.

      jango.za - 2013-01-31 16:17

      Funny, I feel the same about a Pick 'n Pay trolley. The 2009 version was the cutest of them all. Pity I didn't have enough alzheimer's to forget one during my youth years.

  • Kwashic - 2013-01-31 17:05

    I had actually forgotten it was yet to arrive. Too similar to the 6 to raise much interest. Hope it will be better in the flesh. Still think Golf 5 was the best golf. On reliability better to check UK Warranty claims rather than the perception based ones. No German luxury car owner would ever want to admit that his expensive shining new car is his worst nightmare. He bought it partly to shine to his friends! Check the warranty claim figures and the secret is out! Admittedly poor service lets down a lot of marques in southern Africa. Their disdain and arrogance. Sies!

  • janine.vdmerwe.5 - 2013-02-01 08:59

    Not value for money!

  • eddy.rikhotso - 2013-02-01 14:40

    Arg, another cheapo 4-cylinder front-whee-drive econobox (the cheapest configutation of any car in the planet). You guys are soooopo boring!!!!

      jango.za - 2013-02-03 22:25

      You got my vote Eddy!

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