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Renault's F1 branded hot hatches

2011-07-04 07:36

GP CERTIFIED: Available in medium and small, Renaultsport’s range of Silverstone branded hot hatches are sure to entice the brand’s most loyal of fans – based in Britain.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Renault
Model Silverstone GP
Engine 1.6-, 2-litre four-cylinder
Power 98kW @ 6 750, 147.5kW @ 7 100rpm
Torque 160Nm @ 4 400, 215Nm @ 5 400rpm
Zero To Hundred 8.7-, 6.9 sec
Top Speed 201-, 225km/h
Another month and another pair of hot hatch releases from the company with more front-wheel drive three-door performance icons to its name than any other.

Renault’s latest Dieppe-built hot hatches are commemorative limited-edition derivatives to say thanks to its most loyal global customers – the British.

Despite centuries of tension between France and its island neighbour across The Channel / La Manche Britain remains Renaultsport’s largest and most robust market. Logically, the French company’s performance arm is marketing two new nameplates, specially crafted for its most loyal customer base.

The Twingo Renaultsport 133 and Clio Renaultsport 200 "Silverstone GP" limited editions will tally only 50 units each, to be exclusively retailed through British  Renaultsport dealers.


Although the Silverstone GP affix adds little in terms of mechanical advancement (which is unsurprising, considering the impeccable dynamics of the Renaultsport Twingo and Clio), Renaultsport has never required a particularly good excuse to conceptualise, build and market limited-edition cars.

Distinguishing features major on darkened styling details - despite the "silver" portion of on the nameplate of these new Renaultsport products. The 17" alloys, roof, side mirrors, rear bumper and windows are all - to quote those most effusive of British music legends, the Rolling Stones - painted black. A neat design trinket is an inscribed Silverstone circuit map on each of the B-pillars, to leave one in no doubt as to the origin of these latest Renaultsport hot hatches…


On the inside, the two new versions boast a unique numbered interior plaque (1-50), a Renaultsport performance tracking system and grey/black contrasting Renaultsport carpets. The Clio also features Renaultsport Recaro front seats, Bluetooth and multi-functional TunePoint for portable music players.

Both cars roll on the lowered cup chassis with the Twingo 133 gaining Renaultsport’s latest stainless-steel exhaust system for better gas-exchange efficiency and improved elocution.

If you love the home of British F1 racing and Renault is your hot hatch brand of choice, well, these latest Renaultsport products are hardly going to seem like a contrived marketing effort, now are they? Truth be told, Renault is the only company still producing naturally aspirated hot hatches, which says much for the purity of the brand's signature performance cars.

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