Pug hot hatch for Geneva

2012-02-20 12:10

Peugeot will reveal two variants of its 208 hatchback - GTi and XY concepts - at the 2012 Geneva auto show.

The 208 sports a new front design, sporty grille and rectangular diode lights. Similar to the 308, the wheel arches are extended though the new 208 features wing extensions and a more assertive design.


The new model is powered by a 154kW 1.6 engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Special "Pulsion" paintwork means the XY Concept's skin appears to change constantly depending on the distance and the position from which it is viewed.

The interior features leather trim throughout with stripes on the seat inserts and floor mats; the glass sunroof is edged in black leather.

The XY Concept rides on exclusive 18" alloy rims. The lower window edge and the quarter panel are finished off with a special grille treatment with three horizontal chromed bars.


The performance variant of the 208 has chequered-flag motifs on the metal grille and the lower bar affirms its origins by displaying the French ‘Le Tricolor’ flag or the Union Jack when in the UK.

Chromed exhaust tailpipes, sporty spoiler and lower sill skirt extensions serve to create a striking vehicle with assertive poise. Within the grille is the aluminium GTi Concept logo (also found on the rear) which pays homage to the new models' predecessor - the 205 GTi.

The GTi Concept is powered by a 1.6 RCZ engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. The GTi Concept also benefits from the improvements that characterise the 208, taking full advantage of its compactness and lightness, delivering road-holding that, Peugeot says, "is both excellent and precise".

To enhance the driving experience it is 36mm wider and has a rear roof spoiler to generate downforce at speed.

The interior is characterised by leather trim along the dash, over the steering wheel, gear lever and seats and enhanced with LED backlighting on the intsrument cluster.

Peugeot has decked out the GTi concept model with a red leather steering wheel, continues the chequered motif, and has a pronounced lower flat section bearing the GTi Concept logo in an aluminium ring.

The all-new 208 range will be launched in South Africa in September, 2012, while the hot hatch GTi is expected to arrive here in the latter part of 2013.