Power up, mass down, for California

2012-02-16 08:59

The 2012 Geneva auto show will see the debut of an even sportier version of the Ferrari California, which has been on a diet and given more power.

The California’s V8 now delivers 366kW (from 338kW) and maximum torque of 505Nm at 5000rpm.

The widespread use of aluminium in the California’s chassis has led to an overall weight reduction of 30kg although, Ferrari says, the car’s structural integrity is unaffected.


As a result of the 30kg weight loss and the increase in power, the California’s 0-100km/h sprint time has been chopped to 3.8sec.

An optional handling package has been developed that includes changes to the suspension arrangement to minimise body roll, special dampers, stiffer springs and an ECU that responds 50% quicker than before.

The California’s technical update has been balanced by a new choice of colours that include two-tone and "modern re-interpretations of classic colour schemes".

  • Mogo - 2012-02-16 10:22

    Yummy.. Rosso Corsa Red for me Please.

  • Phoenix - 2012-02-16 21:49

    I love Ferrari - but this cars ass is too big :(

      sizwev - 2012-02-17 01:45

      TIA... We're all for ass!!

  • Ryan - 2012-03-13 08:12

    Still not a great fan of the California ... Seeing a Ferrari is usually an event, something you can tell your wife and kids about at dinner. The Cali, good as it is, is just another car on the road and simply doesn't cut it for me.

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