Next S-Class - it's just awesome

2011-12-09 09:34

Mercedes-Benz's F125! design study, according to the automaker, redefines automotive luxury. More importantly, perhaps, it also provides clues to the next S-Class limousine…

Mercedes-Benz will see out its 125th year in fine fashion giving some insight into the future of its luxury segment vehicles.  

Showcasing its future technology is the F125!, a four-seater luxury sedan that, thanks to its use of a hydrogen F-Cell plug-in hybrid system, provides exhaust-free travel with a range of as much as 1000km.

The study also shows off Merc’s new and efficient storage, drive and body technologies and provides a glimpse of the automaker’s future design language.


The F125!’s shell is a light hybrid construction using a high proportion of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics and a mix of carbon fibre, aluminium and high-strength steels. The concept also allows its driver to communicate with it via touch, speech and hand gestures; even the gullwing doors can be opened and closed by hand gestures.

The cabin has the next generation of Mercedes' telematics for internet-based voice control, integration with social media networks and remote control – via a PC or smartphone – for vehicle settings and entertainment functions. A useful new function ripe for abuse is the advanced driving assist that allows for semi-autonomous driving.

Other developments include the further development of its fuel-cell technology, this time in combination with plug-in technology, and the use of lighter, more powerful, batteries in the form of lithium-sulphur technology alongside its current lithium-ion battery.


The concept’s high-voltage lithium-sulphur battery, Mercedes says, allows “considerably higher recuperation rates” in combination with the e4MATIC all-wheel drive.

The battery pack in the F125! provides the power for an electric motor near each wheel to generate a continuous output of 170kW and a peak output of 230kW. This, it's claimed, will take the car to 100km/h in 4.9sec and on to a top speed of 220km/h.