New BMW M3, M4 for SA: Details, prices

2014-05-28 12:45

BMW's fifth generation M3 sedan and coupe, now called the M4, will arrive in South Africa later in 2014, July. Ahead of the local launch we preview details, specifications and features of the latest-generation M-badged 3 Series. The M4 Convertible will go on sale in October.

The new models mark a shift from the automaker's M-cars naturally aspirated engines to a new turbocharged era, as the M3 and M4 will be powered by a twin-turbo inline six.

The BMW M3 will set you back R955 592 and the M4 R997 500.


The turbo engine, mated to a six-speed manual or optional seven-speed double clutch transmission (DCT), is capable of 317kW/550Nm, which is an increase of 8kW/150Nm compared to the previous E90 M3 (309kW/400Nm).


The power increase translates to a 0-100km/h sprint in 4.3sec (4.1sec in auto guise) for either car with top speed limited to 250km/h.

Despite the turbos, the engine’s fuel consumption (over the EU cycle) is rated at a claimed 8.8 litres/100km for the manual (8.3 for the DCT), emissions as low as 194g/km – each an improvement of more than 25% over the previous V8.

Selectable drive modes, programmable through an MDrive manager and activated via the iconic steering-wheel 'M' buttons, offer drivers a choice of pre-configured and balanced vehicle set-ups which also feature different engine sounds.


The new M3 sedan and M4 Coupe – essentially the same car with rear-wheel drive but the latter with a coupe shell - are formed, BMW says, “from a host of finely blended elements, all working in perfect harmony to deliver outstanding performance, precision and agility on road and track”.

The design, the automaker adds, “sought to channel air around the car in the quest for ultimate performance while also ensuring the engine, powertrain and brakes received the requisite cooling, even on a track”.


The cabin has an emphasis on sporty ambiance with traditional M-specific details: M-door sill finishers, M-gearshift lever, M-design circular instruments with white graphics, leather steering-wheel (with M logo, chromed trim and iconic triple-colour contrast stitching) and metallic shift paddles.

Both cars come with an extensive list of standard equipment; adaptive M-suspension, 19”  alloys, heatable and powered M-badged seats, folding exterior mirrors, gloss exterior trim and the BMW Professional audio package with upgraded Bluetooth.

BMW M3 Sedan - R955 592
BMW M4 Coupe - R997 500

Click here for full specifications for the new BMW M3 and M4

  • Erik Kasper Van Wyk - 2014-05-28 12:59

    I like the power range. Max Kw picks up where max torque ends. What does the DCT box add extra to the bill or do the prices stated above include DCT?

      Janneman Poggenpoel - 2014-05-28 23:46

      Errrik.....power = torque x revs....come on boet, you should know this...DCT adds to the bill, about R30 grand, but then again Subaru asks about R20 grand for an ancient CVT...

      Erik Kasper Van Wyk - 2014-05-29 09:57

      I am talking about power delivery in combination of hp and torque, max torque end at 5500 rpm, max hp starts at 5500 rpm which means no loss or dip in forward propulsion. Wasn't suppose to be technical or complicated, come on boet. Wonder what the additional charges are for the DCT box as people seem to favor the DCT in the previous model.

      Janneman Poggenpoel - 2014-05-29 10:15

      About R30 grand Erik. Just pulling your leg again boet..

  • Goldie Saturnz - 2014-05-28 16:54

    the prices are eye watering!

      Wesley Green - 2014-05-29 16:41

      the poor rands fault! :-(

  • Paul John - 2014-05-28 20:03

    All good until the prices drop to 30% of the original purchase price. BMW has lost the plot by offering uncompetitive trade-in prices for their cars. Would rather spend the money on something else.

      Erik Kasper Van Wyk - 2014-05-29 10:03

      Paul I reckon the consumer added to what you stated above. SA consumers are very brand loyal and consider the German 3 as status vehicles, the manufactures know this and can trade at any price knowing the blinded will purchase from then again just so that the consumer can be seen in a BMW, Merc etc. This also leads to another problem, because of these sheep companies like Volvo, Honda (Accord) en big Mazdas don't keep their value as there is less market for these models.

      Janneman Poggenpoel - 2014-05-29 10:18

      Erik, agreed.

      Erik Kasper Van Wyk - 2014-05-30 09:05

      Janneman I just liked one of your comments for the first time. haha

      Janneman Poggenpoel - 2014-05-30 15:54

      As you should realize by now I like to spice up the forums now and then, just making obvious and boring statements is...well boring. Petrolheads are passionate as you should know...

  • BLUESILVER2012 - 2014-05-29 07:24

    Million for an M3 before adding accessories....BMW are BONKERS....BMW and VW export units and thus receive import tax concessions, we BUILD the 3 series in SA so how the HELL does the USA retail $62000 for an M3 and we are almost R300k more????????

      Johan Grundling - 2014-05-29 09:18

      The prices are crazy but it is not exclusive to BMW, it is the same with every car manufacturer that has a footprint in SA. A lot of it has to do with our import duties which take up the bulk of the extra price that we pay. Just to point out, although 4% of the worlds 3 series are produced at the Rosslyn plant in SA, the M cars are produced exclusively in Germany.

      Lungelo WaseMlazi - 2014-05-29 13:08

      For having a factory here they gain a lot in importing other cars at “discounted rates” rates that do not get transferred to us the consumers. This is where I will join AA (anyone who can set up a motorist union against car markers? or Julias Malama (the MP) to make a song a dance about. We are being robbed bling here for no real reason. The is one march I will like to be part off – Cheaper M3’s

  • Richard Zanner - 2014-05-29 09:51

    What is the point of all that power that you may legally not use.

      Jemma Stewart - 2014-05-29 12:39

      illegally ? oh yes.

      Lungelo WaseMlazi - 2014-05-29 13:11

      True but with this logic this country and in indeed the entire motoring industry does not need anything north of 50KW. Options;Think race track and hope to God BMW does not findout

  • Shabir Mohammed - 2014-05-29 11:25

    In Europe they are going for about R600 000, and we going to pay almost a million......BMW what a rip off...

      Richard Ohaletse - 2014-05-29 18:51

      taxes and government grants

  • Ayd T Mkize - 2014-05-29 15:57

    1 Bar for an M3/M4 the same car that used to cost 50k back in the 80s , Inflation , overpriced whatever the reason is is there another option out here?

  • Malemela Magoro - 2014-05-29 17:47

    Offshore reviews of these new breed of M3/ M4 are not that favourable. Handling is improved naturally but character has been lost. Blame the turbos - low down torque means high efficiencies and ultimately faster but they can never be spine tingling like a NA engine. MB turbo'ed engines sound fabulous.

      Janneman Poggenpoel - 2014-05-30 15:56

      NA is dead dude, the reviews are mostly made by old fossils, the same ones that said a car like the Panamera is crap, but still sells like hot cakes.

  • Phumi Aphane - 2014-08-26 18:03

    M3/M4 I like it but the cost price I better wait for the price to drop.Its almost a million I did rather buy two 325d bm I would save a lot.And besides as for the increase of power where are you going to use that much power because the sport limit is 120km in SA BMW is going to loss much with M4/M3

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