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Trip down memory lane for Jaguar

2011-03-01 08:07

HALF A CENTURY OF HERITAGE: Excitement on the eve of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show gained momentum as senior executives from Tata Group and Jaguar Land Rover opened Show activities with a celebration of Jaguar's E-type.

To pay homage to its most famous car, in a portfolio containing some of the most striking cars ever built, Jaguar’s executives navigated a British racing green E-type around the streets of Geneva on the eve of the city’s 2011 auto show.

With Tata now having ownership of the fabled British brand, the group’s motoring division CEO, Carl-Peter Forster, chairman, Ratan Tata, and Land Rover boss, Ralf Speth, took some time out of their busy pre-show schedules to indulge in a bout of nostalgia.

The motoring industry heavyweights met with E-type owners, who had come to Geneva specially to celebrate half a century since the original E-type concept was revealed at Switzerland’s largest auto show.

Still the most beautiful car ever made?

"What better way to celebrate half a century of the E-type than driving beautiful cars," said Mr Forster.
"This is a magnificent sporting classic that symbolises the power and the passion of the Jaguar brand - one of the factors that attracted Tata Motors to purchase both Jaguar and Land Rover."

Adding to the nostalgia, Forster took Ratan Tata from the Hotel du Parc des Eaux Vives on the very same route used by journalists at the E-type’s media launch in 1961.

DOWN MEMORY LANE: The man credited with saving Jaguar, Tata chairman Ratan N Tata, experiences some of his premium British automotive brand’s heritage…

Regarded as the most sophisticated, capable and elegant performance car of its time, the E-type’s legend has grown in the fullness of time; with many regarding it as the most beautiful car ever produced.

Witnessed by a small group of owners, journalists and enthusiasts the drive formed one part of the celebrations taking place to mark the special anniversary. 

As it did in 1961, the Geneva Motor Show will again witness the unveiling of a fast, beautiful Jaguar in the form of the new XKR-S

Remaining true to the virtues of comfort, effortless pace and style that defined the E-type, the XKR-S promises to be the fastest and most responsive series-production Jaguar ever created.

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