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Striking new Ferrari!

2005-10-18 09:40

The Ferrari GG50 will be launched at the Tokyo Motor Show and this striking Italian masterpiece takes its name from Giugiaro's initials and the number of years he has been a designer.

Giugiaro, 67, began his career in 1955 at Fiat and during this period he designed more than 150 production cars and about 100 concept cars, from the Daewoo Matiz to the Ferrari 250 GT Bertone.

Ferrari boss Luca Cordero di Montezemolo commissioned the model for Giugiaro's latest design exercise: the 612 Scaglietti four-seat coupe.

Montezemolo also gave Giugiaro two inputs: although no restrictions would be posed on creative-thinking, the vehicle must be perfectly in keeping with the Ferrari tradition and transmit a sensation of compactness, even being highly enjoyable.

Created along the lines of the Scaglietti and retaining the same basic mechanics, the Ferrari GG50 is a little shorter in length than the car it is based on.

Although the GG50 is a special project its unveiling at the prestigious Tokyo Motor Show indicates that it is not just another pie in the sky vehicle.

It seems as if the car could make production and the fact that it has Montezemolo's blessing is another indication of its importance.


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