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Supercharged R8 Spyder at SEMA

2010-10-25 07:09

SUPER(CHARGED) SPYDER: Audi’s celebrating its first official outing to the SEMA show with a special R8 SPYDER.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer STaSIS
Model R8 Spyder
Engine 5.2l supercharged V10
Power 522kW
Torque 709Nm
Zero To Hundred 3.1 sec
This year, for the first time, Audi will have an official presence at SEMA – the world’s premier aftermarket tuning showcase.

Starting next week in Las Vegas, SEMA is not open to the general public.

The show caters exclusively for suppliers operating within the weird and wonderful world of aftermarket tuning.

Show it at SEMA

Over the years more and more mainstream manufactures have booked floorspace at SEMA, keen to gain some brand appreciation by association with the show's crazy displays.

Following the example of Hyundai, Audi’s commissioned a specialist US-based tuning firm (STaSIS engineering) to prepare a rather special R8 V10 as the company’s display stand show stopper.

Hyundai’s employed Californian Rhys Millen to prepare some outlandish show cars for it over the last few years – gaining the Korean company some begrudging respect from the SEMA regulars.

Audi’s STaSIS R8 majors on performance (instead of styling) upgrades, which is hardly surprising as it is already one of the most striking series production cars available today.

West Virginia based STaSIS engineering is headed by Paul Lambert and was left with the responsibility of getting the R8 Spyder up to SEMA standards.

STaSIS curiously started out on America’s opposite coast in Santa Cruz, salvaging broken race cars in the late 1990s as a precursor to becoming a renowned aftermarket performance engineering concern.

From its relocated West Virginia base, STaSIS helped Audi engineering many of its US formula tin-top racing cars and as such the company is a trusted name back in Ingolstadt.

Supercharged Spyder

The STaSIS fettled SEMA R8 Spyder adds a supercharger and impeccably tuned 76mm custom exhaust system to boost engine outputs by 136 units of power 179 units of torque to new peaks of and 522kW and 709Nm.

With such impressive gains in engine output, performance numbers for the STaSIS R8 Spyder are completely ballistic. It covers the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in only 3.1 seconds.

Harmonising this very special one-off R8 Spyder’s dynamics are modifications to the suspension and brakes.

A set of trick Ohlins dampers hide behind each wheel, controlling bound and rebound whilst enacting a 20mm reduction in ride height - thereby improving tracking stability and turn-in agility.

The 20-inch alloy wheels cover upgraded Alcon brakes too, with rotors measuring 390mm up front and 355mm at the rear.

Although this supercharged R8 V10 Spyder is a one-off show car for Audi’s benefit at SEMA, STaSIS does have a portfolio of similar conversions for the R8 range. Best of all, these packages are all available officially via Audi’s US dealer network and include a four-year, 80 000km warranty.


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