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Subaru to build Forester STI?

2010-10-22 06:58

SUPER SCOOBY: Subaru’s ‘other’ performance model, the Forester XT, gets the S-Edition performance treatment Down Under.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Subaru
Model Forester S-Edition
Engine 2.5l flat-four turbo
Power 190kW
Torque 347Nm
Transmission Five-speed auto
Subaru’s turbocharged Forester models have always fulfilled a peculiar dual-role.

The current Forester XT continues this tradition of being a massively practical all-wheel drive utility wagon and a crushingly quick q-car, all in one.

Although it drives via a rather limiting four-speed automatic transmission, the Forester XT converts its outputs of 169kW and 320Nm to towering propulsion with staggering ease – as many a humbled hot hatch owner can attest.

Subaru may now have an even quicker version of the popular all-terrain SUV in the works.

Forester STI?

Unveiled at the Sydney auto show this week, the Forester S-Edition is due to germinate into a production variant set to go on sale Down Under next year.

Rolling 17-inch Impreza STI alloys and decked-out with subtle S-Edition badging this new Forester is not quite the sleeper its XT siblings are.

The car's suspension geometry’s been revised to cope with an increase in engine output, as the 2.5l turbocharged boxer mill's outputs are boosted to 190kW and 347Nm, gains of 21kW and 27Nm.

These numbers should flesh-out the S-Edition’s mid-range power delivery quite nicely, especially as the S-Edition's automatic transmission has an extra gear (featuring five cogs as oppose to four) and steering column mounted paddle-shifters.

If you are burdened by the utility requirements of a family, yet wish to retain the wild-streak in your driving portfolio, this Forester S-Edition appears to be a solution without compromise.


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