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Rolls-Royce goes (really) Mini

2011-04-14 13:48

SMALL BUT SUMPTUOUS: Gone are all those chic contrasting trim items, replaced by stately Rolls-Royce bits instead.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mini
Model Goodwood
Engine 1.6l turbo
Power 135kW
Torque 260Nm
BMW’s two British subsidiaries have combined design resources to produce a rather interesting joint-venture for the Shanghai auto show.

Its nameplate reads Mini Goodwood (named after the legendary racing circuit and estate that adjacent to the Rolls-Royce assembly plant) and in essence is a standard Cooper S trimmed with all sorts of tasty Rolls-Royce styling details.

Cynics will class it as brand-diluting marketing of the worst kind but, if you're a Mini collector (or a Rolls-Royce owner seeking something with appropriate heritage for your teenage son or daughter to drive) the Goodwood edition makes sense, sort of…


The marketing people will tell you this new Mini concept is finished in Diamond Black Metallic, transported by the gallon from Rolls-Royce’s factory to the Mini assembly plant in Oxford.

The exterior styling, only featuring the expensive Rolls paint and edition badges as distinguishing features, is hardly this Mini’s calling card, but swing open one of the Goodwood edition’s doors and you’ll be greeted by a level of interior trim and craftsmanship befitting the Rolls-Royce name.

Boasting Cornsilk leather seats, classic walnut wood inlays, black Nappa leather fascia wrapping and nearly impossible to clean thick-pile carpeting, this Goodwood edition is a Mini unlike any other.

Truth be told, you’ll feel nearly as regal as any Ghost or Phantom owner driving in this Mini - with the boon of infinitely less challenging prospects if you head into the city.

BMW says only 1000 units of the Mini Goodwood will be marketed but at a price suitably inflated to justify the Rolls-Royce connection. Expect to pay around R460 000 - plus hefty South African import duties...

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