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2006-09-14 10:19

The Iroc SC - which will become the VW Sirocco sports coupe

The Scirocco was a small coupe VW first showed 33 years ago, and although it was a huge success in Europe only a handful reached South Africa.

The name harks back to when Volkswagen was calling its cars by the names of winds, and it was based on the first VW Golf - still sold here as the CitiGolf Chico.

However, the new one (it's called Iroc SC, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to transpose the letters and get SCiroc - Scirocco) is brand-new, yet still retains the basic values of the original - an attainable dream car.

What's more, again like the original Scirocco the Iroc has four full-fledged seats, a proper boot, large hatchback and a lot of self-esteem.

However, unlike the Scirocco the Iroc has an extremely long roof and a comparatively steep rear end.

Wide rear aspect

This makes the car appear very wide and stable from behind, and it also ensures there's room in back for two adults and ample luggage.

It is expected that when it goes into production the new Scirocco will be very attractively priced. Although VW hasn't said so, it is more than likely the Scirocco, like the original, will be based on the Golf platform, and it will be powered by VW's TSI Twincharger engine, pushing out a healthy 155 kW by combining a supercharger and a turbo-charger in a small engine.

This enables great power coupled with good economy.

The Iroc has short overhangs, a wheelbase of 2 680 mm, is 1 400 mm high, 4 240 mm long and 1 800 mm wide. The light-alloy rims were specially designed for the Iroc and have 19 x 235 tyres.

The extremely sporty nature of the Iroc concept is also reflected in the interior.

There are front bucket seats with integrated 5-point seatbelts - although these won't find series production - and completely newly designed round instruments.

Both main instruments have a bluish glow in a dark acrylic casing.

Detailing includes a gearlever which lies flush in the centre console and only after ignition moves into operational position - an innovative anti-theft protection system.

And there's a retro touch in the row of classic toggle switches.

The Scirocco is expected in 2008.


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