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Peugeot to stun in Paris

2012-09-13 13:35

NEXT RACING 208 SNEAK PEAK: Peugeot gives us a sneak peak of its latest track bred 208 - the Type R5.

PARIS, France - French automaker Peugeot will be pulling all the stops at the 2012 Paris auto show in September.

Among its model line-up includes the new 208, Onyx car and bike concepts, 301 sedan and the 2008 Concept.


Among the 40 production vehicles and concept cars presented on the automaker's stand at the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot is displaying no fewer than ten 208 variants.

At the end of August 2012, even before its international launch, the successor to the automaker's “2 series” moniker, went on sale in Europe and attracted more than 103 000 customers.

The model debuts the automaker's Park Assist system in the special edition two or four–door 208 Intuitive versions.

Drivers select manoeuvres, such as parallel parking, via the touchscreen display. Once a suitable space has been detected by the car's sensors, Park Assist will take over the steering, under the control of the driver who is responsible for the acceleration.

208 TYPE R5

The 208 Type R5 and R2 are the automakers latest take on sporty hatchbacks.

Taking over from the 207 Super 2000, the 208 Type R5 will benefit from the brand's motorsport heritage and compete in its first races in 2013.


Unveiled initially in the form of concept cars at the Geneva Motor Show, the 208 XY and 208 GTi will be on display in Paris as the automaker's premium models.

The new models are two-door variants of the 208 with special grilles, head and rear lights and exclusive 17-inch alloy wheels. The interiors of both models feature different colour schemes and materials.

The 208 XY, is targeted towards those wanting a premium city car whereas the 208 GTi will be aimed at hot hatch fans.

The 208 XY will be available in either petrol or turbo diesel engines ranging from 70kW to 115kW.

The GTi version will be powered by a 1.6 turbo petrol unit capable of 150kW mated to a six-speed manual.


The facelifted RCZ adopts a sporty front end and is available with new body colours, wheels, arch colours and interior tweaks.

The black and copper RCZ R Concept will be shown in Paris to go on sale in 2013. The RCZ R will be powered by a turbochargeed 1.6 petrol engine capable of 194kW, making it Peugeot's most powerful production model yet.


The radical Onyx Concept supercar sports a 447kW 3.0 V8 HDi hybrid mated to a six-speed sequential-shift transmission.

Riding on 20-inch wheels, the bodywork has copper wings and doors, and black carbon fibre for the body panels. The dashboard and centre console is made of "Newspaper Wood" which is produced from compressed newspaper.

Julien Cueff, Onyx interior stylist, said: "For the interior, I was inspired by an everyday object, the egg box. With remarkable economy of material, it protects very fragile items. I adapted the concept into an intuitive space, with a minimum of connected parts, to become one with the car."

Peugeout will also feature its Onyx Concept Bike, an ultra-light superbike with a carbon fibre frame designed by the Peugeot Design Lab, and the Onyx Concept Scooter, a three-wheeled 400cc hybrid trike.


The 301 sedan incorporates Peugeot's latest styling cues and at a length of 4.44m offers generous space particularly in the rear with a claimed 640 litres of boot space.

The range has a number of petrol and diesel engines including the automaker's new 1.2 three-cylinder petrol unit.

The 301 will be launched in Europe at the end of September 2012.


The 2008 Concept, is a small compact vehicle (4.14m) intended for young urban drivers. The new model is powered by the brand's three-cylinder petrol engines such as the 82kW 1.2 turbo.
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