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Peugeot next to take on Merc CLS

2008-08-20 15:11
Peugeot, RC

Peugeot's apparent take on the four-door coupe craze doesn’t have a name as yet, but the stunner will soon make its global debut.

For now, the four-seater is called "RC…" and is described as a "GT coupe" by the French manufacturer's team of stylists and engineers.

A progression of the acclaimed 908 RC seen at the Paris show 2006, RC… is said to be extremely efficient with minimal impact on the environment - Peugeot quotes CO2 emissions of 109 g/km in combined mode.

Its combination of petrol/hybrid powerplants is good for more than 230 kW.

Peugeot calls the car a "working laboratory of many future ideas" melding "stylistic, engineering and technological ideas in a single vehicle."

RC… will make its official debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.


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