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'New view' from Nissan

2008-10-07 07:31
Nissan, Nuvu

This is Nissan's idea of its car for the future. The ultra-cute Nuvu being shown at Paris will also be making a stop at the upcoming Johannesburg International Motor Show.

Nissan reckons that in a few years all cars, such as Nuvu, will be electric with compact proportions designed for the city.

Regarded as literally being a "new view" of future of the city car, this munchkin uses a 2+1 seating arrangement in its tiny 3 metre-long frame.

Green green green

Its cabin is called an "urban oasis" - there is a "tree" to provide shade for occupants while generating solar power via its "leaves".

Added to Nuvu's green credentials is its electric propulsion for emission-free driving. The concept is powered by a Li-Ion battery and should require 10 to 20 minutes for a quick charge, while a full charge from a domestic socket should take between three to four hours.

No exact specifications have been made known, but a driving range of 125 km and a top speed of 120 km/h can be expected, according to Nissan.

The manufacturer also claims widespread use of natural, organic and recycled materials in creating this concept.

Clever interior

To save both weight and space, the third seat's centre section is made from netting which gives it a hammock-like structure.

Nissan says that while researching this vehicle, it was found that 90% of the time, the driver was alone in the car. One passenger was only noted in five percent of the cases studied, and two passengers in four, the manufacturer said.

With this in mind, the second passenger was given the most comfortable seat, while the third occupant gets the sling arrangement.

With three up, there is some space behind the driver's seat for the stowage of shopping and handbags, briefcases and smaller pieces of luggage.

Easy does it

As far as driving it goes, controls have been kept as simple as possible. All major functions (such as steering, braking and throttle control) are directed "by-wire" and there are two pedals (for stop and go).

Steering is by means of an aircraft-like contraption allowing one turn lock-to-lock, and Nuvu's turning circle is only 3.7 metres.  

And since there are no door mirrors to disturb airflow around the car, small cameras relay information from behind and around Nuvu to two screens on the dashboard display.

Nuvu may be a concept, but don't be surprised if many of the ideas shown here make their way to production vehicles.


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