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Meet the new Porsche Boxster

2004-09-08 06:34

The cars will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show and officially launched in November. South African sales will start in February 2005.

The 2.7 litre six-cylinder engine now sports 176 kW, 8 kW more than previously.

The performance of the Boxster S, which will be launched simultaneously, has also been increased from 191 kW to 206 kW, while cubic capacity has remained unchanged at 3.2 litres.

The Boxster dashes from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in a quick 6.2 seconds, while the Boxster S wraps this up in 5.5 seconds. The basic model clocks up 256 km/h and the maximum speed of the S variant is 268 km/h.

The Boxsters' now offer better driving pleasure and enhanced active and passive safety.

According to Porsche the larger wheels and a wider wheel alignment, emphasise the further development of the body form.

It also now features a more refined nose with very distinctive headlights but it keeps the typical Boxster face. This new lighting concept separates the main headlamps and front lamps and is complemented with integrated fog lamps.

When viewed from the side, the larger air vents before the rear axle, the bold door sills, the larger window in the transition from the B-pillar to the roof and the newly designed, larger rims are dominant.

The 2.7 litre version now has 17-inch wheels as standard, while the Boxster S features 18-inch wheels. From the rear the Boxster reflects very dramatic strong lines.

Better transmission

With the new Boxster, power is transmitted by a revised five-speed manual transmission and by a new transmission box with six gears in the S model.

For both transmission variants the shift travel is now considerably shorter, lending a strong race car feel to gear changes. Both vehicles can optionally be equipped with a five-speed Tiptronic S transmission.

Porsche claims that the Boxster is the first roadster in the world to secure passengers against lateral impact using head airbags.

In combination with a thorax airbag, which is concealed on the outer side of the backrest, the airbag shoots out from the side window rail of the door and provides a very high level of protection for the head.


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