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Lambo's four-door broadsword

2008-10-02 07:25
The contest for ugliest four-door supercar concept

Contest for the ugliest four-door supercar has broadened to a two-horse race with the unveiling of Lamborghini’s Estoque. What’s worse, this or a bulbous Porsche Panamera? Thankfully Aston Martin's Rapide gives balance to a niche gone mad

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Lamborghini
Model Estoque
Engine 5.2l, V10
Power 405kW @ 8000r/min
Torque 540Nm @ 6 500r/min
Lamborghini's Estoque is its first four-door car since the LM002 4X4 nearly two decades ago. And the LM002 was better looking.

After weeks of speculation and surreptitiously leaked teaser images in the preamble to the Pairs motor show this week, the supercar division of Audi are now showing off the Estoque.

We don’t know how to pronounce the name either, but allegedly it denotes the sword Matadors use to kill bulls – we’re sure the anti-car environmental lobbyists are in rapture about this.

Four-door Reventon?

Beyond the silly name it’s a stunningly bold design, fusing a traditional wedge shaped Lamborghini design profile with a Reventon inspired front end and ridiculously bulbous rear wheel arches. Overall the design fuses tension and flow with uncanny overkilll instead of skill.

Lamborghini calls the Estoque a ‘front mid-engine’ four door GT, though this is typically Italian poetic license. It’s a front-engined vehicle with a proportionally huge wheelbase allowing the engine to be mounted further back than usual for optimal weight distribution.

Turbodiesel Lambo?

Concerning possible engines, Lamborghini is toying with the idea of multiple options. Most likely powerplant is the 5.2l V10 sourced from the latest Gallardo LP 560-4 and good for 405kW at 8 000r/min and 540Nm at 6 500r/min.

Power will be distributed to all four wheels; themselves 22-inches up front and 23-inch five-spoke items at the rear.

Lamborghini does have some interesting engine alternatives in mind though. These include a turbocharged V8 version of the Gallardo engine - did someone just mention emissions regulation pressure? Hybrid drive V8s and pure turbodiesel engines are within the design portfolio too, which should drive most Lamborghini acolytes over the edge.

For the rest details are still sketchy. We know its low (1.35m), wide (1.99m) and though 5.15m long sports a wheelbase of 3m. Subsequently it should be surprisingly roomy, with a fine Nappa leather interior featuring traditionally stylish Italian design with proper circular instruments.

Luggage capacity is alleged to be 450l too, which should please budding nouveau riche families no end.

Undoubtedly controversial, Lamborghini says no final decision has been made regarding a third line the model line-up. The Estoque though, clearly aims to block Aston Martin’s Rapide and Porsche’s Panamera market share in the projected four-door supercar niche.


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