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Opel flagship's 'debut drop'

2008-07-22 10:20
Opel, Insignia

Opel's flagship Insignia made a dramatic entrance at its unveiling at the British International Motor Show.

The car fell 45 meters in six seconds and was caught at the last second to reveal the car (intact) to the gathered public.

The display kicked off on Saturday when the 3.2 ton orb "crashed to" earth and a d 62 metre high crane lifted the orb out of a massive crater on London's Potters Field.

Using the latest technology available, a team of 60 people worked to plan, set-up, rehearse and execute the stunt, that required the vehicle to reach a descent speed of 7.6 metres per second.

The machine that made this possible required roughly 3 kilometres of power and control cables; it contained 152 metres of air hoses and more than 120 air fittings. Thirteen computer-controlled pneumatic brakes stopped more than 2.7 tons travelling at breakneck speed.

Sales of the all-new car begin immediately in Europe, where the Insignia is sold as a hatchback and sedan with a seven-engine line-up. All engines are Euro 5 compliant, and come with six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.


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