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Honda's futuristic 'peanut'

2009-12-04 12:24
Honda unveiled its concept of a compact city coupe, the Personal-Neo Urban Transport (or P-NUT), at the LA show.

With its tiny body, the P-NUT uses clever packaging - a central driving position and rear powertrain layout - to seat three occupants and is considered by Honda to be ideal for use in "tight urban spaces".

The car's seemingly awkward design is meant to maximise the interior space while being aerodynamic, too.

In the cabin, the seating arrangement with the driver up front flanked by the two rear seats gives all occupants decent legroom within the car's tiny frame.

Other clever packaging ideas include rear seats that fold up to increase storage space, a windshield that doubles as the heads-up display for the satnav and reversing camera, and a modular engine bay that could accommodate a range of powertrain arrangements including a conventional internal combustion engine, a hybrid system and a battery-electric drivetrain.

Honda says there are currently no plans for P-NUT production, but we'd love it if they could just use this concept's name on something equally cute…


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