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Ford gives Mustang Italian muscle

2006-11-29 09:04

Mustang now an Italian Stallion

Meet a new Italian Stallion... The famous car design house of Giugiaro has given the Ford Mustang, an American icon, some Italian flavour.

The Giugiaro family, through their Italdesign company, has been responsible for a number of dashing concept and production vehicles for many of the world's top car manufacturers.

Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro's latest concept stunner is based on an American muscle-car icon, the Ford Mustang. The Mustang by Giugiaro concept will be launched at the Los Angeles Motor Show this week.

This striking concept features some eye-catching styling cues of which the most significant is scissors-style doors that swing upward.

The concept is wider than a conventional Mustang, while it has a longer bonnet too.

There are also bespoke taillights, which are three separate elements as found on the 1964 Mustang ? but reinterpreted into a more dramatic arrow shape that links to the louver panels that replace the rear side windows.

A single curved-glass roof panel bridges the windshield and backlight and filters out ultraviolet rays.

Ford Racing Technologies developed the engine and chassis.

The already-robust 220kW all-aluminum 4.6-liter 3-valve V-8 engine in the production Mustang GT has been boosted by adding an intercooled twin-screw supercharger for the concept.

Additional improvements include fuel injectors from the Ford GT and a unique engine calibration. Engine air intake is increased with a larger 95 mm mass air meter and a conical air filter. Exhaust performance is enhanced with new Ford Racing mufflers and an X-pipe.

The powertrain upgrades deliver an estimated 370kW.


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