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New Murciélago's slow striptease

2010-09-07 07:19

Admittedly it does not look like much from this rather obscure angle and tight framing, yet Lamborghini’s Murciélago replacement is sure to stay true to the brand’s billing for outrageous design.

As the countdown to the 2010 Paris Auto Salon enters its final weeks manufacturers are taking great pleasure in disseminating excruciating teaser images of new models.

Lamborghini’s latest bout of pixel sadism is what appears to the a tail light of the company’s Murciélago replacement.

Of course Lamborghini is only willing to euphemistically state that it will show off the future of its supercar design direction at the Paris salon.

With the Murciélago having been in production for nearly a decade (since 2001) we would hedge bets that this teaser is of its (overdue) replacement, which should, it's hoped, continue the V12 tradition of Sant'Agata’s headline supercar.

It is rumoured that Lamborghini's new supercar will carry the Jota nameplate and feature 515kW V12 power - mounted midships, of course.

Lamborghini is set to release the other five teaser images before the Paris show opens during the first weekend of October. Wheels24 will be there to tell you about it...


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