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2013-02-08 10:41

MAN-OF-STEEL OPTIMA: Kia's Optima hybrid with eight comic book-inspired variants will be released through 2013. This is the Superman-themed model on display at the 2013 Chicago auto show.

CHICAGO, Illinois - Kia has teamed up with DC Entertainment to create a head-turning Optima Hybrid inspired by comic book heroes.

The 2013 Chicago auto show marked 10 months of a partnership in which eight vehicles of the Korean automaker's new hybrid will be launched sporting livery based on iconic comic-book characters from the Justice League – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.


The final vehicle will be an amalgamation of all seven. 

Influenced by the artistry of comic book visionary Jim Lee, the Justice League Kias serve as a force for good by raising awareness of DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign. The charity helps people affected by drought and famine on the Horn of Africa.

The model sports a 2.4 petrol engine combined with a 30kW electric motor and a six-speed auto. Kia says its hybrid is able to travel up to 100km/h in electric mode, giving it an edge against competitors.

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Michael Sprague, Kia's marketing executive vice-president, said: “As the most recognised superhero, Superman is a symbol of strength and integrity, making him the perfect character to join forces with Kia’s first hybrid to create a customised ride powered by a robust and efficient powertrain. 

“Each of our Justice League-inspired vehicles are remarkable collaborations between the automotive and comic book worlds, and all for a worthy cause. To that, Kia is very proud to be partnering with DC Entertainment to raise awareness for the ‘We Can Be Heroes' campaign.”


The Superman-themed Optima Hybrid has been widened with custom fenders and has an adjustable suspension system that can raise and lower the vehicle. The colour scheme on the bonnet highlights Superman’s chest emblem while the red paint job matches his cape.

The grille resembles Superman’s belt and the red headlights represent his heat vision. The Man of Steels’ iconic “S” logo can be seen on the seats and steering wheel.

DC Entertainment's Amit Desai said: “This joint effort to raise awareness for the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ giving campaign through Justice League-inspired cars has proved a huge hit with comic fans and car aficionados.

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with Kia to bring the latest addition, the Superman-inspired Optima Hybrid, to fans in Chicago and beyond."

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