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BMW's battery Vision

2011-10-07 11:05

VISION OF THE FUTURE: BMW's Vision concept car is showcased at the Johannesburg International Motor Show.

BMW has taken green-friendly mobility head-on through its Efficient Dynamics programme. The German automaker is also set to debut a number of plug-in hybrids through its new ‘i’ car concepts.

At the Johannesburg International Motor Show, BMW is showing its latest interpretation of future vehicles with its Vision EfficientDynamics concept car.


The forerunner to the i8 concept , shown at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show, the plug-in hybrid concept combines an internal combustion engine and an electric drive. BMW states that this concept car will combine extremely low fuel consumption while retaining the performance of a sports car.

Under the hood the concept features BMW’s Active Hybrid technology, with innovative electric storage units and lightweight engineering.

The Vision EfficientDynamics concept will pave the way for the BMW i sub-brand set to roll off the German automaker’s production line in 2014.

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