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2011-03-01 09:12

HIGH SPEED CERTIFIED: If you really desire to drive at 330km/h on a frozen lake, this is the car for you.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Bentley
Engine 6l W12 twin-turbo
Power 471kW
Torque 800Nm
Transmission Six-speed auto
Zero To Hundred 4 sec
Top Speed 330km/h
In the depths of the European winter, Finnish rally legend Juha Kankkunen drove Bentley's soft-top Continental Supersports to an amazing 330km/h average speed - on the frozen Baltic Sea.

Bentley was thrilled by finally managing to breach the imperial 200mph barrier, demonstrating the outstanding traction properties of its all-wheel drive system.

At the time of the record being ratified, Bentley executives promised a limited-edition Continental Supersports Convertible would be in the offing to celebrate Kankkunen’s achievement.


Well, Bentley’s management has been as good as their word, with the first example of its limited 100-unit production of Ice Speed Record cars set to go on display at the 2011 Geneva auto show.

As the most powerful car Bentley has yet homologated for road use, these Ice Speed Record Continental Supersports Convertibles are distinguished from their lesser brethren by a range of rather negligible differences.

Three unique colours (Beluga, Quartzite or Arctica White), black (Bentley calls them smoked alloy) 20" Supersports alloys rims and a composite weave threaded into the soft-top’s fabric composition will help tell collectors if said Continental Supersports is an authentic Ice Speed Record car or not.

Inside, you’ll find additional composite inserts on the centre-console and roof lining.


Powering the Ice Speed Record Continental Supersports Convertible is a slightly tweaked version of the six-litre, twin-turbo W12  producing 471kW and 800Nm, eight kW more than the next most powerful Bentley – the company’s baseline Continental Supersports models.

NOT AN OBVIOUS CHOICE: Why did Bentley choose to break the world ice speed record in a soft-top car? Supreme sense of irony of a simple case of German oneupmanship?
Fortunately, customer Ice Speed Record Continental Supersports Convertibles will be delivered with 275/35 profile Pirelli ultra high-performance tyres, infinitely preferable to the spiked rubber Kankkunen used to set his record off the coast of Finland.

Bentley backs its most powerful car yet to be good for 0-100km/h in four seconds; not exactly supercar territory but plenty quick enough for a soft-top four-seater convertible.

Global production of the 471kW Ice Speed Record Continental Supersports Convertible will be limited to an allocation of only 100 units. Collectable? Most definitely.

It's environmentally friendly too, with the W12 engine’s dual-fuelling capability able to accept E85 bio-ethanol, reducing emissions by nearly 70% when running on vegetable extract.

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