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Toyota revs up green plans

2007-02-16 12:57
Toyota will use the upcoming Geneva Motor Show to unveil the Hybrid X concept previewing what similar future models could resemble.

While the company has released a single teaser image showing a section of the car's rear, Toyota has announced that the Hybrid X concept proposes a new design language for the manufacturer's next generation of hybrid cars.

"Toyota is using the show to restate its commitment to finding and implementing solutions that make cars less of an environmental burden," the company said in a statement. "Toyota's world-leading Hybrid Synergy Drive technology is at the core of this strategy as it moves along the path towards the ultimate eco-car."

The manufacturer last year reported that it would increasingly be using design to set its hybrid models apart.

"The hybrid is an iconic statement for Toyota," a senior creative designer at Toyota's California facility said. "We will come up with a design that shows a vehicle's hybrid-ness, because a hybrid should have a distinctive look."

"Also, a hybrid battery needs a lot of cooling, and so we are experimenting with unusual air intakes and outlets that will add a styling element."


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