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The next Renault Megane?

2008-03-07 07:49
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Renault
Model Megane Coupe Concept
Engine 2-litre turbo
Power 147kW @ 5 000r/min
Torque 280Nm @ 2 600r/min
Transmission Six-speed manual
Zero To Hundred 7.2 seconds
Fuel Consumption 6.5l/100km
Renault has unveiled their stunning Megane Coupe Concept at the Geneva motor show, featuring the coolest doors this side of a Lamborghini Murciélago.

Blending avant garde French design flair with Megane based utility the Coupe juxtaposes headlamps with aluminium-finish air-intakes whilst the two rows of main and dipped beam lights sit on a crystal-like striated strip , which fills the sidelight and daytime running light functions.

The shoulder-lines flow along curvaceous flanks, before culminating in a characteristically squat Megane rear-end.

Coupe with practicality

The strongest design element is not purely aesthetic, but revolved around accessibility to the Coupe. The boot, which pulls open and then lifts to minimize vertical travel, echoes the kinematics of the doors , which are divided into two sections.

The panelled doors feature a separate glazed area and, as they open, the two parts deploy gracefully and elegantly in an independent movement reminiscent of dragonfly wings. A carbon arm at the rear of the doors connects them to the body structure and the system ensures particularly easy access for passengers.

The independent, asymmetric front seats, rise up from the sills, seem to float in midair, whilst the centre console flows through to the rear seats.

Aviator instrumentation

Instrumentation takes its cue from aviator-style watches, including a speedometer which displays the speed in analogue form on the periphery and in digital form in the centre, augmented by an analogue rev-counter. Both feature black metallic backgrounds with white graphics and red backlighting.

Infotainment is comprehensive with even rear passengers benefiting from a portable Samsung P2 audio/video multimedia player with touch screen which they can use to swap files using the mp3/video Bluetooth controls.

Mégane Coupé Concept can be locked and unlocked using a Samsung F700 mobile phone which serves as a hands-free card and connects to the centre console.

Turbo power

No Coupe Concept would endear itself to the genre without the requisite performance credentials. Featuring a 2-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the Megane Coupe Concept packs 147kW of power at 5 000r/min and 280Nm of torque at 2 600r/min.

Power is deliver to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox, enabling a 0-100km/h sprint of 7.2-seconds and consumption of 6.5l/100km. Fuel efficiency is greatly aided by the six-speed gearbox featuring a 'stop-and-start' system.

The suspension has been tuned for responsive steering and taut chassis responses, whilst Michelin Pilot Sport tyres of 245/35mm roll on 21-inch mags, ensuring optimal traction.


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