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New X5 cleanest big SUV yet

2010-02-09 09:29
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model X5
Engine 3l turbodiesel, 4.4l V8 turbo
Power 180kW, 225kW, 300kW
Torque 540Nm, 600Nm, 600Nm
Transmission Eight-speed automatic
Zero To Hundred 7.6-, 6.6-, 5.5 seconds

BMW’s X5 SUV has received minor engineering tweaks and styling refinements in its bid to shore up market share against the new Range Rover Sport.

The slightly tweaked X5 will make its public debut at the Geneva motor show.

From a styling perspective the facelifted X5 boasts new headlamps, repositioned fog lights and more defined air vents. Those front bumpers feature additional colour-coded surfacing and around the rump LED lighting bars embellish the rear light clusters.

Turbocharged engines all-round

The most profound changes ushered in by the facelift are mechanical.

BMW’s purists might baulk at the rationalised engine line-up (which now features only forced-induction power), yet should be heartened at the presence of ZF’s excellent eight-speed transmission across the range.

X5’s buy-in point remains the xDrive30d SE.

The 3l in-line six turbodiesel sees power boosted slightly (up seven units to 180kW). More impressive is the CO2 emission count, which is under 200g/km – a first for any SUV in the class.

New 40d - not a V8 though

Moving into the middle of the range if the new xDrive40d – which is not a capacity accurate 4l V8, just in case you were about to get all chipper about it.

Similar in capacity in layout to the 30d’s engine, xDrive40d powers up to 225kW and 600Nm - which enables it to take a full second off the 35d’s 0-100km/h sprint times. Amazingly, xDrive40d also manages to earn itself a Captain Planet merit badge with sub 200g/km CO2 consumption.

For X5 customers who prefer petrol power there is the xDrive50i, powered by the twin-turbo V8 - which replaces the sonorous 4.8l eight-cylinder engine.

Outputs are 300kW/600Nm, which enables the smaller, turbocharged, V8 engine to trim half a second off the naturally aspirated V8's 0-100km/h time.

The facelifted X5 is set to go on sale in the UK during the first week of June - expect it locally soon after.

With emission tax soon to become a reality in South Africa, news of these new (low emission) X5s should bring joy to lives of SUV owners locally - especially if they are private owners, not government fleet operators...



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