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New Sportage another Kia stunner

2010-02-03 12:12
Images of Kia’s new Sportage have leaked ahead of the SUV’s Geneva motor show debut early next month.

The latest design from iconic former Audi styling genius Peter Schreyer, the new Sportage looks like a slightly miniaturised Sportage for all intents and purposes. As with Schreyer's other recent Kia designs it looks fantastic.

Audi touches?

Proportions appear near perfect and Schreyer’s personalised design touches – like the contoured grille with its characteristic floating KIA badge – are evident.

It’s also quite clear old Peter has not rid himself of the Audi fetishism with LED daytime running lights, which surround the bottom strips of the front headlights.

All things considered, the new Sportage is a strikingly rendered SUV. The sweeping side profile and geometrically accomplished front-end styling treatment is deftly balanced by a blunt rear with oversized, almost Touareg-like, taillights.

Two-wheel drive?

Kia will only release details pertaining to the new Sportage’s technical specifications when the car is publically unveiled at the Geneva motor show. In the interim, one can indulge in some mechanical conjecture – especially seeing as Sportage shares a platform with the Hyundai ix35.

Entry-level European ix35s are powered by a 1.6l GDI engine (104kW/166Nm), 1.7 turbodiesel (85kW/254Nm) or 2l petrol worth 123kW/196Nm. Sportage entry-level power could come from of these engines or…

Expect Hyundai’s new high-performance diesels to get a look-in as part of Sportage engine line-up too. Especially the dual trim 2l R diesel, available in either 102kW/313Nm or 137kW/391Nm trim.

In order to differentiate the two platforms, it’s expected Sportage could forego its all-wheel drive configuration, leaving the soft-roader duties to its platform relation – the Hyundai ix35…



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